Rataj Art x HF

Read the story of unique designs created in collaboration with popartist Josef Rataj!

2.6. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list - Wish #2

We've fulfilled the second wish! The next could be yours!

29.5. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Beer collection

Fancy a beer? Horsefeathers Beer collection is here!

12.5. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list 2017 - Wish #1

We can guarantee this summer is going to be unforgettable. Do you already know what's on your summer bucket list? Tell us and we can make your dreams come true!

21.4. 2017Horsefeathers

#Braindomness: Episodes 6 - 12

Eiki’s instagram series is over. Here is a recap of the latest episodes.

4.4. 2017Laci Kobulský


Every sportsman wants to visit the birthplace of their sport to experience its atmosphere.

27.3. 2017Horsefeathers

New collection Spring / Summer 2017

Snowboarders love summer... Really, we do!

20.3. 2017Horsefeathers

#Braindomness with Eiki Helgason

We all know Eiki is a creative rider but he's inventive not only when riding his board...

28.2. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers X Sane! crew

Horsefeathers joins legendary shred crew from Innsbruck to bring in a limited edition of jibber’s jacket. And it is definitely worth it!

19.1. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers #AddictedToPowder

Like almost every other snowboarder, we are all powder addicts. If you feel the same, take the ride with us!

15.12. 2016Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers trip to Finland

Once the spring slash disappeared from the Central Europe, Horsefeathers crew set off for Finnish resort Ruka to meet some proper snow. How did it all turn up?