#Braindomness with Eiki Helgason

We all know Eiki is a creative rider but he's inventive not only when riding his board...

28.2. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers X Sane! crew

Horsefeathers joins legendary shred crew from Innsbruck to bring in a limited edition of jibber’s jacket. And it is definitely worth it!

19.1. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers #AddictedToPowder

Like almost every other snowboarder, we are all powder addicts. If you feel the same, take the ride with us!

15.12. 2016Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers trip to Finland

Once the spring slash disappeared from the Central Europe, Horsefeathers crew set off for Finnish resort Ruka to meet some proper snow. How did it all turn up?

11.11. 2016Horsefeathers

Cook jacket gang

This spring we went on a trip to the famous Finnish resort Ruka. One thing was immediately obvious, our team loves new technical apparel jacket, Cook!

13.10. 2016Horsefeathers

Eiki Helgason: Ísland Born

Eiki discovered snowboarding as a little boy and it completely changed his life. How? This is what his brand new video project Ísland Born is all about.

26.9. 2016Horsefeathers

Welcome to the team, Klaudia!

Winter is right around the corner and we are stoked that we can start it with saying...welcome to the team, Klaudia Medlová!

3.7. 2016Horsefeathers

Sick of Trash 2016

The Sick of Trash campaign has been helping to make our surroundings cleaner, and so that more beautiful, for five years already. Join us!

23.3. 2016Horsefeathers

Jakub Karlík: Skateboarding and Art

Jakub Karlík has been with the Horsefeathers crew for some years. At his age he is doing really a lot of stuff: he is a skater, student, artist, designer, shop assistant and primarily an active, creative and witty person. Jakub was the obvious choice for the interview with the Horsefeathers crew member. We were looking forward what he will disclose about himself.

17.2. 2016Horsefeathers

Marion Gouwy: From France to Japan

France and pretty girls is a classic conjunction. But if you meet Marion you will get a new one: France and active girls. Marion is a snowboarder, but she does countless other activities and we like that a lot. An active lifestyle is a building block of our existence, so Marion was the obvious choice for the interview.

22.1. 2016Horsefeathers

Tyler Chorlton: Addicted to Powder

Tyler Chorlton is a legendary rider from the UK, who lives and rides in Andorra, where he also runs his snowboard shop called Slidewayz. Tyler is far from being a legend by age, it’s more about his style, tricks and his way of snowboarding and leading a good life. We are stoked to have him on the Horsefeathers crew and the following interview opens up Tyler’s world so you can take a peek and get inspired.