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Arnošt Ceral and his DIY spot

Arnošt has been a member of our Horsefeathers skate team for some years already and he is still surprising us. In this interview we talked mainly about his passion for creating new spots, but we also wanted to find out how is he living right now. So let´s do this!

Hi, Arnošt! Before I start asking you about your DIY kingdom, I need to know how are you and how was your recent Horsefeathers skate trip to Hungary?

Hi, buddy! I am fine but hard working at the same time. My working season is finishing right now so I have a lot to do and I do not even speak about how much time it all takes. Budapest was simply awesome. It is a really beautiful city as well as the spots there! I think everything came off and when I think back, the biggest shit had happend when Roger lost his skate, hehe. On the other hand noone had any injury, we shot everything we wanted, we took the snaps, so what more can you wish for, right?

We cannot forgot your awesome third place at this year´s Czech championship and your killer in the best trick. There is no need to say anything else, I was just staring at you. How do you feel about this day?

I was suprised as well by how great it was. I have not riden it through even once and suddenly I made it. Believe it or not, I was just hoping to have a great ride and maybe ride the final afterwards. I am not that interested in the final outcome, mainly I need to have a great feeling of it and this time I had one. I do not live the classic „skatelife“ when you need to win something to have something to live out of, anymore. That is why I can enjoy every contest without being upset that I did not win anything.


photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz

We all know that your latest enterprise is connected to one of the spots, to which you have breathed in a new life. How did you get to this anyway? And what was your first DIY spot?

I wanted to have a spot where you can ride and not to blunder among scooters, if you know what I mean. You get to the spot, where there is literaly noone, because it is really secret. You can grill something and when you shoot, there is a complete quiet and everything is just as you want it to be. My first biggest spot was „train station“, I guess. The first but at the same time the legendary one. I did it mainly with Aleš Lehotský – in two, sometimes in three people, from 10PM to 5AM to not being caught by anyone.

In according with what do you choose the places where you will build your spots? Because everytime you come up with something compeletely new in unexpected places.

Mainly according to the surface. It is a crucial thing, because it is neither easy, nor cheap to fix it up. The next thing is a big area and a proper place where you will not build your spot for example whole weeek, how it has already happened to me few times.

I remember a legendary spot at the railway station in Hradec Kralove. Is it still on, or not?

Everytime I recall this spot, for instance when I come along this place, I cry, hehe. Unfortunately it does not exist anymore, but everyone who has seen it, pines for it surely with me. It was the best spot ever – great surface, roof, four different marble boxes closed by a bounce and a beautiful surroundings perfect for shooting! RIP my favourite, miss ya!


photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz

How long did it take you to remake an abandoned cowhouse to its actual appearance? A photographer Josef Šulc, who made some pictures for this interview as well, told me that you are very precise as far as your attitude to the biulding of the spot. It must have taken a lot of time, but the result is definitely worth it.

We do it with the guys continuously, depending on the time and our ideas. Right now I have three rails at home ready to be installed. The classic one touching the ground, the second one is seven meters high rail of an A shape and the third one is eight meters long and upright to the manual box. It would be great to have some more marble for the boxes, but that is crazy expensive so if someone has the chance to have it, I pay with gold, hehe. And yeah, Pepa was surprised. When I took him there for the first time, he made a great pics. Thank you bro, I am looking forward to the next session!:)

An unpleasant parts of DIY project are mean citizens and burglars. Does it happen often to you that someone steels or destroys something at the spot?

Yes, this is just classic. Hardly any of my spots still exist. The best story is related to the spot near to Labe river, which was the most visible during my filming with Griffa „the weekend with me“. One day I went to skate there and I saw a paper sticked to the rail which was saying: „WARNING – This is an illegal instalation of several items on the flood-protection wall of Hradec Kralove city. If the person who has made this instalation will not respond to this notice, these items will be removed by the authority of the river. By the name of watershed of Labe river in Hradec Kralove, Franta Karel“. I remember it as if I read it today, hehe. In any case, Franta has done what he had written and after 14 days, the spot was gone.

arnošt DIY spot_8

photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz


photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz

We all know your nature of a cool hand. Have you ever wanted to put an end to it all?

You cannot end it, that is as if you quit skateboarding. It is the best feeling to build something and to ride it then. When I build the caddy or anything else, my joy is definitely bigger than if I go skateboarding to a completely new park, you know. Just DIY life forever. I am going to build spots just for this feeling forever, probably. Even when I will not be able to skate any more, hehe.

You go to work, feed your family… Despite of this you have killed one contest by one, lately. How much time for skateboarding do you really have now?

You know, I need to work round to live a normal life. During the summer it is not that bad, but now when the time has shifted to the winter time, I come back home when there is a complete darkness outside already. I am not really interested in going to the skate park in Hradec Kralove so I leave it to the weekends. When the weather is fine, I skate as much as possible and on Monday I just suffer at work, hehe.

Could you please share a few important hints for those, who would like to start to build the spots, but they do not know how to begin?

The most important thing is to have a feed of cheap material suitable for what you want to build. It should be mainly concrete because it needs a lot of money. Next, you need tools. My further advice is to switch on your PC at home and search and search in the maps for the right spot. Good luck!


photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz

Before we will end this interview, I would like to ask you about your streetpart which should go out this year. How long have you been working on it and how was the filming going?

Yes, you are right. It is going to happen this year, at the beginning of December, and the first run will be in Hradec Kralove. There will be shots even three years old but at the same time, some just a month old. Unfortunatey, there will not be any big things because I cannot afford any injury. I need to function even out of skating. People could rather expect great technique. The majority of filming proceeded in the way that I went to the spot, put my camera on the stand, made a trick and went home, haha.

Thank you very much for your time. Have a successful rest of the season and good luck to you and to your family too. If you would like to use this space for saying thanks or hi to someone, it is yours now.

Buddy, thank you very much and I hope I will soon have a chance to invite you for a bier! I would like to also say thanks to my sponsors Horsefeathers family, Osiris shoes, Ambassadors, Deliqentz caps and Swis-shop.cz for the best support and cooperation. My next thanks goes to Michal Čejka for everything, to my girlfriend for the way how perfect she is and that she tolerates me skateboarding, next to all bros, to Pepa for the pictures, to my family, to all about whom I do not write here, but it is designed for them and to all of you, dear readers, because without you, I could not be doing this interview. So respect and thank you all once more. Cheers!

arnošt_DIY_spot _5

photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz


photo: Josef Šulc / www.josefsulc.cz

Interview: Jakub Karlík

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