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#Braindomness: Episodes 6 – 11

Eiki’s instagram series continues. Here is a recap of the latest episodes.

Eiki Helgason’s #Braindomness Instagram series goes on with no signs of slowing down. At the moment there are ten episodes online and every Tuesday we impatiently wait for our weekly dose of craziness. Here is the recap of never-been-done-before tricks seen in the last six episodes of Eiki’s online show.

#Braindomness Episode 6: 360 Flip Hippie Jump

No matter how many days and tries it takes, there is just that single go that matters. Eiki has landed 360 Flip Hippie Jump in the sixth short story from Iceland.


#Braindomness Episode 7: The Happy Dolphin

Eiki’s showing a taipan grab tweaked out as a method while grabbing nuclear with his backhand. Eiki calls this trick simply The Happy Dolphin.


#Braindomness Episode 8: One Foot Backflip to Fakie

Eiki’s eight short story with crazy one-footed backflip to fakie speaks for itself.


#Braindomness Episode 9: Darkslide On A Snowboard

An accident from the past episode has led to a trick of the ninth week. See more bellow.


#Braindomness Episode 10: Ollie North Backflip

This week Eiki served us with one of the most incredible tricks of the whole series! In the tenth episode Eiki challenged a backflip with his front foot out of the binding.


#Braindomness Episode 11: Tailwhip 5-0 Tailwhip Out

Latest episode of #Braindomness was inspired by Wille Yli-Luoma’s swiveling binding in Robot Food’s Lame. See more.


All episodes are accessible not only on Eiki’s Instagram but also on @twsnow and in the best quality on Eiki’s Youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel and see the coming episodes at first hand.

What’s coming next? Keep watching the #Braindomness series with us. We’re expecting grand finale!


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