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Darek Bergmann: Natural born talent

Darek Bergmann is a Horsefeathers team veteran despite his young age, shortly pushing almost a decade of riding for the brand!

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Darek Bergmann / photo: David Blažek

When and how did you start snowboarding?

It all started on a small hill near our house. I kept borrowing my friend’s board and always rode it wearing my winter boots…great! I started asking my parents to buy me my own board. I finally got one when I was thirteen.

When and how did you get to know Horsefeathers?

That was during a snowboard camp in Rejdice, which was organized by Honza Zajic. A week later the 4×4 Czech Cup (R.I.P) was on and I managed to win the Rookie category. Straight after I got a call from Richie, who was the team manager, asking if I’d be interested in riding for Horsefeathers.

What are the pros and cons of snowboarding for you?

It’s all about the pros! I get to travel, shoot videos riding street and powder, and I have a chance to ride with people I only knew from videos before, like Eero Ettala, Marc Swoboda and many others.


Darek Bergmann / photo: Yan Renelt

You ride some pretty cool spots during the years. Which one was the top?

Definitely Bear Mountain in California. I want to go back and stop time! :)

Which other spots would you like to check out?

It’d be great to do so some Montreal street riding. And of course Alaska is my big dream.

Is there any spot in the Czech Republic you would recommend?

I’d say it would have to be our little village called Prichovice.

You’re not a typical comp rider. Why don’t you like competitions?

The competitions where you feel as part of the snowboarding community I don’t mind. I actually enjoy riding with my mates here, Austria or Holland. But as for the rest I’d rather not comment! :)

You no longer take part in competitions, which means you do more video shooting and photography. Do you ever get nervous? What do you do when you don’t have a good day?

That’s true. On the other hand I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do. I do occasionally get nervous, but I do everything I can to avoid that. I listen to music, chat with my mates and so on.


Darek Bergmann / photo: Yan Renelt

There are always injuries in snowboarding, what was the worst injury you have suffered?

So far I’ve been pretty lucky. The injuries I had always appeared later, after riding. And I don’t count bruising as injury. Only once in Laax , during BEO, I was just about to do a straight jump when my meniscus ruptured and it had to be removed.

Apart from snowboarding, how do you support yourself?

Outside of winter I do various jobs – anything that comes my way.

What is your normal workday like?

I get up in the morning, work all day, go skating, maybe snowboarding and then go to bed. Occasionally, I pop in for a beer.

Do you do any other sports?

I can never sit around. I skate, ride a bike, occasionally I ride a motorbike with my mates, or play football and so on. I just have tons of energy!

What are your plans for the future? Or do you take each day as it comes?

My life’s ambition is to fulfill all my dreams, and I don’t care which one comes first.

Considering you’ve had a chance to see the new HF collection already, what are your favourites?

My favourite is the Stadium jacket. It’s a hybrid between a sweatshirt and a street jacket.


Darek Bergmann / photo: Yan Renelt

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