24.4. 2014Darek Bergmann

Darek’s park winter

Teamrider Darek Bergmann had to travel a lot around the Europe to find suitable snow conditions during this winter season. Check out all the places he visited and watch the sick videos and shots!

“This season was kinda weird. I guess the worst during last 20 years or something like that in our country, so I had to do some changes in my plans. Instead of filming for a new Snowporning movie and some more urban projects there wasn’t anything better for me than to attend bunch of jib contests and focus on shooting in the Alpes. Actually it turned out really well in the end cause I had an opportunity to visit several different parks in Austria and also visited Slovenia for first in my life. These are four of them I would like to mention.


Darek Bergmann @ Planai / photo: Yan Renelt


I could make it to the Superpark Planai thanks to Freeride.cz and Monster Energy sometime in the middle of February. Together with my bro Roman Dlauhy and media crew Yan Renelt (photo), Filip Jäschke (camera) and Marty we had the main goal to produce a quality footage for Superpark Planai spotcheck and also a smaller park in Gastein, but in the end we managed to make much more than that.

Superpark Planai is a really fun to ride and it’s certainly one of the top ones in Austria. You can find interesting rails and boxes of almost all possible shapes and sizes there, as well as the easy, medium and pro kicker lines. Loads of possibilities how to cruise the park and hit different obstacles will entertain you for whole days. Check out some more sick park pics from our trip there by Yan Renelt on this link: http://www.freeride.cz/snowboard/clanky/lokality/superpark-planai-spotcheck-s-monster-energy–19347/

Besides all other we shot a “trick battle” that I managed to win, actually…  And yeah, Roman had to be punished for his defeat, so he just had to walk into this austrian Burger King half-naked, just shorts on, and order a meal for the whole crew like a waiter, ha haa serves him right! :)

Of course we all had been attracted to spots out of the resort as usual, so we didn’t waist a time and when we were done with the park, we quickly found an ultimate playground few hundred metres away from the slope. Few hours was enough to capture three different spots there. Some photos were already published and you’ll be able to see the video footage in a new – small but fresh – videoproject being prepared by Freeride.cz and Burg Production. In every way, the Planai trip was great and I was looking forward what’s comin next.


Darek Bergmann @ Planai / photo: Yan Renelt



Two weeks later I’m sitting in Freeride.cz van and heading with this crew to Austria once again. Marty and Yan are accompanied by Mike Straka the camera guy this time and riders crew consists of me, Martin Matousek and young HF killa Ladik Hrstka. Destination? Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun. This all thanks to my sponsor Nitro Snowboards, which has been supporting this park in the middle of Austria for a long time.

The weather gods were once again on our side and we had three bluebird days out of four. Park in perfect shape, superpipe, rails, boxes, kickers… We enjoyed cruising the park and filming laps all days long. Young Lada pushed really hard and managed his newcomer role perfectly, although we as the older team mates had to tease him a bit :) You can find a spotcheck article with lots of pics right here: http://www.freeride.cz/snowboard/clanky/lokality/snowpark-kitzsteinhorn-s-nitro-snowboards–19544/


Darek Bergmann @ Kitzsteinhorn / photo: Yan Renelt

I also filmed a “trick tip” video of one of my favourite moves recently – Handplant Over the Knuckle, and finally there went some out-of-the-park values down as well. Be ready for the upcoming Freeride.cz & Burg Production video project.


Darek Bergmann @ Kitzsteinhorn / photo: Yan Renelt



Didn’t even heat my feet at the family fireplace and… yeah I’m sitting again in the van direction to… yeah guess what, Austria. This time the destination was legendary Chillertal and Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen, to be more specific. All this directed by Board Magazine crew and Vans, so other fellas on the road were members of czech Vans team this time – Martin Mikyska, Dusan Kriz and Matej Novak. Pics taken by Peto Mercell and filming by Mirek Kvapil.

Think I don’t have to mention again that Penken has been one of the best snowparks in Europe for a long long time, so the only thing we had ahead of us was a 4-days pure freestyle from dawn till dusk. Rest of the Vans team are mainly kicker killaz, so we started off focusing on kicker pro line, even I got finally pretty nice aired, which I was happy about.

Park was in the best shape, weather great again, we made a tons of footage and there has already a looong article come out in the newest Board Magazine issue. I got two pictures on rails, that I liked a lot, they were well shaped, long and technical, simply the way I love it. Thanks Vans and Boardmag for a great trip!


Darek Bergmann in Boardmag / photo: Peter Mercell


Darek Bergmann in Boardmag / photo: Peter Mercell



Some days later I got an interesting invitation thanks to Nitro to an event in a country I had never been to snowboard before, so it was gonna be a premiere for me. Destination was set: Rogla resort in Slovenia. From Prague by car with my friend to Munich, then train to Salzburg, with Nitro mates Stefan and Lukas few more hours driving to Slovenia and we were there.

A pretty nice bunch of Nitro riders gathered down here, besides me it was Stefan Langgartner, Andrej Marincic, Ana Rumiha, Ziga Erlac, Lukas Szendöi, Matic Zavodnik and a man behind the most european Nitro film projects Rene Gallo couldn’t miss that either. All that happened during a traditional Rogla Freestyle Week, which is kind of a mellow spring session. We stayed in these cosy little chalets, snow was soft and slushy, so we enjoyed shredding local park and grilling after riding. Park was small in terms of obstacles size but long and really funny. Slovenia is a very interesting place and I’d really like to come back there one time again.

There is one hell of an event comin’ up in my schedule to finish my winter season. I’m heading to Sälen – Sweden on 1st May for a 10-days shoot with Nitro International Team. A complete Nitro worldwide famiglia is gonna gather there including some big names like Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Gjermund Braaten, Sven Thorgren, Marc Swoboda, Markus Keller, Dominik Wagner etc., so you probably guess right how excited I’m about that. Big show will take place up there and be sure I’ll keep you updated!”

Enjoy spring folks…



Darek Bergmann @ Planai / photo: Yan Renelt


Darek Bergmann @ Planai / photo: Yan Renelt


Darek Bergmann @ Planai / photo: Yan Renelt


Darek Bergmann @ Kitzsteinhorn / photo: Yan Renelt


Darek Bergmann @ Kitzsteinhorn / photo: Yan Renelt


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