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Eiki Helgason: Street Session

Eiki is a fun rider to watch! He represents what snowboarding means to us – creative, cool and fun. What´s more, the way he rides looks damn awesome and the last few edits are a proof. The older half of the most famous brothers in the snowborading world is synonymous with creativity, street riding, style, fun and of course Iceland. During the following interview we spoke with Eiki about more-less everything that has to do with his life and snowboarding. Hell yeah, off we go!

Hey Eiki, how’s it going up north, do you already have snow up there?

Yoo, everything is going good up here, no snow around, but it should happen in a month or so, we usually start filming at the end of November.

I think it´s not necessary to introduce you, so the very first question is directed to your homeland. In Iceland, you have a lot of snow during a relatively large part of the year, but there are no big mountains, so please tell us how is snowboarding in Iceland?

We do have a lot of snow during the winter months and few pretty good ski resorts, what we are missing though, are good parks, the resorts have started to make them, but it´s still pretty far behind compared to other countries, so that´s why we grew up riding mostly street rails because that´s what we had.


photo: Tomáš Vojtas

What about living in Monaco? Lots of sun, fast and expensive cars and hot girls. That is a bit of a change from Iceland, isn´t it? Maybe not the girls, you also have hot ones in Iceland ;)

It´s a huge change from Iceland, but I love it. Always nice, sunny & stable weather. We don´t really fit in with the people but that´s just funny. It´s crazy to see how much money some people have and how they spend it on crazy things like yachts & cars.

Speaking about girls, you told us the story of how the pretty ones go to Iceland and the ugly ones go to the UK. As Iceland only has about 300k people, you have a program, or app to detect family ties, to make sure you´re not hooking up with your cousin. That´s pretty crazy.

Haha, well the story goes that the Vikings went to the UK and stole all the good looking women and took them back to Iceland and that´s why we have such good looking women over here. I guess the Vikings really knew how to plan for the future.


photo: Cyril Müller

You and Halldor went to a snowboard school in Sweden. This is something that most EU countries don´t have. Can you tell us more about it? Describe a typical school day.

Yeah it´s a high school in Malung, Sweden. It´s just a normal school, but they wanna help athletes by giving them more time with their sport. So it´s just a normal school till the ski resorts open then they rearrange the schedule so that we get 3 days where we need to be in school studying books and shit and 2 days + weekends where we go to the mountain and ride. There are not really any coaches telling you what to do. It´s more just up to you if you wanna progress or not.

Well, it’s certainly good for Sweden, a lot of top riders are from the north, despite there are not too many big mountains. You’re a very creative rider, you invent new crazy tricks and you do things differently. Who is your snowboard hero, or a rider you like watching?

I don´t really have any nr 1. favorite rider. I just like to watch everyone and see what they have to offer, because every rider has their own unique style and tricks and that´s what i like about snowboarding.

Do you now have any ideas for a new trick?

I have so many tricks in my mind that might, or might not work. I´m not gonna tell what these are because I don´t want other riders to steal my ideas from me, haha. But I have a few that have been almost landed, so hopefully I will put them down this season.

Over the years, you had landed a lot of sick tricks. Which one was the best one for you?

I think the one I was most stoked on was the double bs rodeo 1080 in pow. I think I was the first to land it in powder, but me & Travis Rice had it in our video parts the same year, but obviously his was a bit bigger, haha.


SS lipslide / Reykjavík, Iceland /photo: Cyril Müller

What have you filmed for this year’s Sexual snowboarding? Can you tell us something?

Yes, we are doing our Sexual Snowboarding project. Last season we did the „This Just Happened“ webisodes and there is a full movie coming out in the end of the year that is kinda the best from the webisodes and a lot of new stuff as well… but last season was kinda rough for me. I had some bad weather trips and went to the wrong places and stuff but that happens and nothing to do about it. I´m looking forward to start new season and start sending it again.

You and your brother are pretty young, but you do business with several brands, video projects and a lot of other things. How did this came about and how you manage to combine business with pro-riding?

We started Lobster Snowboards because we wanted to be on the same team, so we could ride together more. No team was able to take us both, so the idea to make our own brand popped into mind kinda as a joke at first, but then we started to like that idea, so we went for it. We are working together with a lot of great people that know how the business works, so they help us a whole lot. We mostly take care of the designs and social media and stuff like that, so it goes hand in hand with snowboarding so everything works out good.


Roofdrop / Gävle, Sweden / photo: Daniel Bernstål

The whole crew around you goes a lot of wild partying, but you’re not that much into drinking. How do you handle this and what´s the craziest party you´ve experienced?

Hehe yeah, people like to party and there is nothing wrong with that. I tried to be into it for a while, but it was not really my thing. It´s not that I stopped drinking or anything, it´s just more that I got so over it, so it kinda just faded out for me, hehe. But I do have a drink every now and then if I feel like it.

Is there any typical Iceland drink you would drink at parties?

We have some heavy ones, the most popular one for people when they start drinking is Topas. It´s a licorice flavored vodka. I can say that I have put down a few liters of that drink and nowadays I can´t even smell it anymore without puking, haha.

You skate a lot and you skate really well. Is skateboarding your other action sport? What do you like to ride the most? Ramp, street or park?

I started skateboarding before I started snowboarding. I was always more into skating, but since we didn´t have any indoor parks during winter I decided to start snowboarding and I got hooked on it of course, hehe. Then I started getting sponsors for snowboarding, so I started to focus more on snowboarding, I like skateboarding a lot, I used to skate only street, but when I started my snowboarding career, I kinda slowed down on the gnarly stuff, Now I love to skate mini ramps, but boxes and rails will always be my favorite.

Have you ever ridden in a skate contest?

I did one back in the day. I went to the capital city, Reykjavik, with my friends & ended up in 2nd place, super stoked on that.


photo: Tomáš Vojtas

For the next Horsefeathers collection, we are working together on your signature line and we are all really stoked on it. There are samples already and it will be sick! But what are your favorite items from the current Winter collection?

I can´t wait to see how my pro model looks in real life. I really like the fit and feel of all the products I have tried so far. My favourite is the Nolan jacket and for riding the basic Leader sweatshirt. Horsefeathers are deffinitely killing it with the stuff.

Yeah, we are also stoked on Nolan, you can check it out here. Thanks for your time Eiki, looking forward to shredding together this winter and if you have any messages for anyone, then go for it!

Hell yeah, thank you guys, look forward to the season, hope the El Nino storm will bring a lot of snow, see you in the mountains (or the streets haha)!


photo: Hilli

Cover photo: Daniel Bernstål

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