25.9. 2013Michal Farek


The two past months were quite hectic – I spent lots of time bike riding but I’m lovin’ it ‘cos I get a chance to meet my fellow riders who I don’t see that often but who I love to spend time with riding. But I’m also into riding with my mates at Pilsen skateparks. So here I was thinking how can I have it all in one go? Well it was obvious – let’s have a contest with all my best friends from all around the Czech Republic together with my Pilsen homies at Pilsen!  And that’s how GO BMX came into existence.

The event was sponsored by Horsefeathersclothing, Snapbacks.cz, Frbs.cz, Flybikes, Industry shop and it took place on 3.8. 2013 in Pilsen ‘Borska přehrada’ skatepark. Despite a hellish temperature of 33°C there were 100 BMX riders signed up. So we started with foot JAMs and ‘Karlovy Vary’ team (Šimon Čechura, Honza  AKkonči Končel ,Venca Kavan, Martin Maxmar Tichý, Dominik Dom Kolda) showed us what the game was all about. After first prize made its way to its rightful owner the whole crew moved to the second stop. Imagine 100 riders cruising ‘Klatovska Třída’…Yeap, the drivers did not get it but luckily we got through the town with no major complications.

The second stop was at ‘Masarykovo Náměstí’ with our bunnyhop contest. After a long battle there was only one absolute winner – David Šimi Šimana with his record 109cm jump. Congrats man!

A skatepark ‘Za Plazou’ was a third stop. Crew members riding ahead of the others decided to take a shorter ride through the actual shopping centre. By the time I realized what they wanted to do we were already at the top of the escalators. Well that caused some havoc! All the shopkeepers and customers were awestrucked with the security men running up and down the place trying to get some backup but we just rode through to get to Longjump ramp. Another stop another battle. Lukáš Válenda Valenta and Petr Jukebox both nailed down gold for their long and painful effort. Jiří Bambula Blábol earned Best Trick prize for his tricks like bar to bar, condor to bar or a knockout tailwhip.

The last stop was at ‘Škoda’ park in Doudlevce. The riders showed their magic on a grind box, Venca Kavannan’s feeble 180 bar hard was impressive but the prize went to Fanda Fanu Pytlik and Martin Maxmar Tichy.

So this was Fary’s GO BMX in Pilsen.  A big shout to all participating riders who put everything into creating such a cool experience! Also thanks to all sponsors – Horsefeathers clothing, Snapbacks.cz, Frbs.cz, Industry and Fly bikes who injected life into the event.

THANKS!!! Can’t wait for the next ride battle!!

Have fun & live to ride!



GO BMX gang/ photo: Lukáš Neasi

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