13.1. 2015Florian Galler

Florian Galler – Season 13/14

If you live in the Austrian Alps like Flo Galler, you have a tons of options what to do on board. In the last season he was mostly focused on the biggest playground - backcountry.

pic my marco freudenreich

Flo Galler / photo: Marco Freudenreich

My season started with the question what I want to do this winter. There where several oppertunities for me to film with. I decided to film with Michael Haunschmidt cause he is really one of the nicest guys I´ve ever met and really knows how to film and present the REAL Snowboarding my friends and I do, although he is Skier.

He managed everything from talking to the Sponsors to Filming and Editing. The WONDERKID out of Windischgarsten just turned 21, so you can imagine how good he will be soon, if he keeps on going like this. THANK YOU MICHI.

2)Flachauwinkl, Florian Galler, Switch Backside 5 Melon, Marco Freudenreich

Flo Galler popping SW BS 5 Melon at Flachauwinkl/ photo: Marco Freudenreich

The first session we had was in the, so called MAGIC ZONE in Flachauwinkl with Herby Thaler. We built a Corner, which was really poppy and hard to ride. I managed to stick backside and frontside 3. With the first shots the season really got started and we build a few more jumps in the Magic Zone. Michi´s brother Laurenz joined us aswell.

We went out to built jumps or scout for lines and it was always hard to say if the stuff we had built would work out or not. Once we were sure the Jump is perfect, but then it was really hard to stick tricks. Another time we built a few jumps and couldn´t say if they worked but then they were perfect to jump. That´s how it goes in the Backcountry you never know what to expect.

3)Sölden, Florian Galler, Fs5  Indy from the toes, Shot by Roland Haschka

Flo Galler – FS 5 Indy from the toes in Sölden/ photo: Roland Haschka

The Last Session of the Season was the famous Jump in Sölden, built by QParks.  It was probably the biggest Jump I´ve ever hit, so a bit scary especially cause it was pretty windy (60km/h). Here I really want to thank 17 year old ALOIS LINDMOSER for dropping first. The Session was pretty gnarly. I think almost everybody except me hit the table or jumped to far and were knocked out. I managed to get 3 Shots without getting hurt and was really happy to End my season like that.

Now Check out the Movie BETA MOVEMENT and enjoy your Season.

We are already working on a new Project, so get hyped for the next one.



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