18.9. 2014Horsefeathers

From Russia with love

It might come as a surprise to someone, that the black and white portrayal of the world being delivered by all mainstream media has a colorful and mostly peaceful background. Majority of Russians do not stand fully armed, ready to invade Europe. Great example is the new Horsefeathers team rider Nikolay Grinev. His only weapon is his sincere smile, talent and love of snowboarding. So we say: Fuck war, let’s shred. Politics kills, snowboarding heals! Nikolay Grinev welcome to the team!


Nikolay Grinev

Your father is a legend in the Soviet winter sports history. What was your childhood like in regards to winter sports and how did you start snowboarding? Growing up alongside a biathlon legend, one could expect you would be a biathlon star instead of a snowboard star.

Oh yes, I might have been, because my mother was a biathlon athlete as well, so all my childhood was around winter sports, and I have started biathlon as well. But then my dad brought one of the first snowboard decks (to Soviet Union), so I tried snowboarding and it was way more fun you know :) Nothing really special, but that is how it all started.

You were at the World Championships in Korea. How would you describe your personal evolution and progress in snowboarding (from all the contest in the past until these days full of freeriding, street snowboarding, shooting etc)?

Yeah, it was the World Championships in Korea back in the days :). I was living a typical sport career. I used to just travel, progress and train, but I always wanted to film, to make snowboard videos – backcountry, street, park, whatever. Real snowboarding though, I don’t really give a shit about official contests anymore.


Nikolay Grinev

When did you hear about Horsefeathers for the first time? And what do your friends say when they hear about your sponsorship? Do they know Horsefeathers, or are you still kind of a brand missionary in Russia?

I have first noticed the brand on some edit from Dachstein. I think it was around 5 years ago. My friends know Horsefeathers already and they enjoy the stuff! I am a missionary and I hope I still will be. I do my best to deliver the message of HF to all of the guys out there!

Tell me the story about Joint snowboards. I mean what was behind the project, when did you start, what was the reason and so on…

That is pretty simple. Frankly speaking, the company was built to make our dreams come true – it was because of snowboarding – we wanted to film and there was no financing from the other sponsors, so we tried to sell the boards that we had produced to cover our filming costs. Then it went a little bigger and now we are producing our 4th movie and selling the boards all over the Russia.


Nikolay Grinev

You just moved to St. Petersburg. What do you expect and won’t you miss Siberia and the snowboarding there?

I’m now far away from my beloved homespots, but closer to Europe, so I think that it will work for me as well :). Of course I will miss my friends, mountains and all the good times, but its not that complicated these days. I will visit Siberia pretty often, I hope.

You will be getting married soon. Does your wife have understanding for your second love, which, I guess, is snowboarding :-)?

Oh that’s not a problem at all, sure thing she understands and shares my love for the snow as well. She‘s pretty and she is a pretty good rider ;).


Nikolay Grinev

How you did you enjoy the Horsefeathers Siberian trip with the other team riders? Any funny or secret stories?

The trip was awesome and fun, and speaking about secret stories, I just want to say cheers to Ville Uotila: He was the man in the house in Siberia on the international women‘s day :D.

You had a chance to see and test the new collection for Winter 2014/15. What are your favorites?

I really enjoyed the collection. It is warm enough even for Siberia and the waterproofing works even in the deepest backcountry. There are a lot of different styles to choose from as well. My two favourite outfits are the Stadium Jacket in blue and Scout Pants in wood, plus I enjoyed the Prophet Jacket in lime along with the black Syndicate Pants.



Nikolay Grinev

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