3.12. 2013Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers clothing Movember team #1 in leaderboard!

2013 Movember has now finished with the passing of November. We raised incredible 167,443 CZK and we become the winners in the Movember group teams for raising the most amount of money in support of prostate cancer research and spreading awareness of the illness.

Horsefeathers MO team

Even though we did not expect that it was a great achievement. Interestingly enough, if we did not win with the money we raised it would mean that those teams ahead of us would raise even more money for the good cause.

There was no need to allocate marketing budget or run a paid campaign. We succeeded thanks to you all. A huge THANK YOU! To all of you who supported the MO campaign by buying MO dedicated products with all the money from sales donated to the Movember foundation. And it did not matter whether you bought a t-shirt or a cup at some of Horsefeathers Stores or at some of our current partners’ stores i.e. Blackcomb, Swis-shop or Temple. A big THANK YOU to them as well!

At the same time we would like to thank to you all who took part at some of our November social events, be it MOride, charitable MOjumble sale or our traditional MObreakfasts in our stores.

Once again a big thank you to you all and to Movember organizers we wish them the best of luck with the men’s health charities projects selection.

For further development and information on selected projects click here:


And for Czech Foundation where redistributed funds will be collected click here:


MO Ride

Movember breakfast


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