19.1. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers #AddictedToPowder

Like almost every other snowboarder, we are all powder addicts. If you feel the same, take the ride with us!

Nothing beats a powder day: the wilds of nature, the sensation of floating, the feeling when your edge engages on a deep slash, the pleasure of watching the spray fly and the peace of the surroundings, all contribute to incredible experience.

Tyler-powderPhoto: Jara Sijka

Last winter we enjoyed an amazing powder trip to Canada together with our global team rider Tyler Chorlton. We travelled to Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada where we spent a great week full of deep powder turns and unsurpassed joy!

Tyler-Chorlton_blogPhoto: Jara Sijka

Tyler is a legendary snowboarder distinctive for his style, tricks and the way of snowboarding. He rides a lot of powder and backcountry so he knows that riding big mountains is not easy.

“I set out to do tricks on various features of all different shapes and sizes and most importantly: out of the way of the crowds, in total silence and harmony with the mountain before drop in, into deeeep pow!”

Tyler Chorlton

foto_blog01Photo: Jara Sijka

Like almost every other snowboarder, we are all powder addicts. That is why we are so proud to present our hi-end special edition line: #AddictedToPowder. Whole line was developed with Tyler who personally contributed ideas to and tested each item in the range, proving they can handle whatever conditions.

foto_blog02Photo: Jara Sijka

ATP line is dedicated not only to men but also to adventurous women. The right example is our host in Canada, Zuzka Salz, who also loves smooth and deep powder carves. Thanks to her familiarity with the local settings, we found the perfect spots for our riding. That is why we owe her a big thank you!

Addicted-To-Powder-ZuzanaPhoto: Jara Sijka

All ATP products are made of top quality materials developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers. Nelson jacket is made with UltraTech 3-layer laminated fabric which is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. The unique combination of three layers stops the outer fabric from becoming saturated. That is why it is designed for use in extreme environments close to what Tyler experienced in Revelstoke, Canada.

foto_blog03Photo: Jara Sijka

Take the ride with us by watching Horsefeathers #AddictedToPowder video. Just drop in!

Video: Matěj Novotný



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