23.9. 2013Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers and Osiris joint project

Cooperation between Horsefeathers and well-recognized Californian skate shoe brand Osiris has introduced the first Horsefeathers skate shoes to the market.


Horsefeathers&Osiris THE CH2 SHOES

Thanks to its quality shoes Osiris has always been at the epicenter of world’s skateboarding and action sports. Just to name a few riders who represented their team: Jerry Hsu, Peter Smolik, Kanten Russel, Chad Fernandez, Ali Boulal with their legendary skate video STORM from 1999.  The fact that Arnošt  Ceral, Horsefeathers long-standing rider, is one of Osiris international team members, makes us extremely proud.

Arnošt Ceral – SS BS Tailslide / photo: Kubo Krížo

Current Osiris team introduced their riders at The Osiris Experience in Prague not too long ago. Mainly riders like Corey Duffel, Caswell Berry, JT Aultz, Chad Bartie, Leticia Bufoni among others.

Osiris team(zleva): Taylor Bingaman, JT Aultz, Caswell Berry, Lee Yankou, Chad Bartie, Correy Duffel

The idea of a joint project between Horsefeathers and Osiris has been growing for several years. Initially we ran a pilot project with a limited series of eighty two Deck belt buckles made from broken skateboard decks of Osiris riders namely Corey Duffel, JT Aultz, Chad Bartie and Taylor Bingaman.

JT Aultz with his DECK belt

The next logical step of the cooperation was to bring out first Horsefeathers skate shoes together with Osiris first outerwear jacket. These products are to represent the best of the best of both firms and to show their long-standing presence on boardsports market. It took twenty years full of events, competitions and a specific aim of providing support to all riders which helped to form boardsports scene as we know it today.

Osiris teamrider Caswell Berry

The results of the cooperation are CH2 shoes and ATHOS jacket in Rasta colors.









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