29.5. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Beer collection

Fancy a beer? Horsefeathers Beer collection is here!

Beer has been essentially connected to our brand for many years. Not only does Horsefeathers come from Pilsen, much like one of the best Czech beers, but also the theme of beer goes along with our several collections. The first “beer“ print in our collection emerged in 2007 on men’s T-shirt called Label. Since that time the topic of beer has regularly returned in different forms. Here is a small recap of few items from past years that show our connection to beer.


David T-shirt appeared in Horsefeathers Winter 2012 collection, Can T-shirt with a print of creasy can was introduced in Spring / Summer 2013 collection and this very year in winter was followed by Cheers design.

Because we took a fancy to the beer theme, and we hope you did too, it naturally started to appear also during all sorts of our events. For example our booth at ISPO Munich exhibition in 2012 was inspired entirely by beer. Just imagine a place never short of good beer and a great atmosphere. Simply heaven on Earth ;)


Horsefeathers booth at ISPO Munich trade fair in 2014


This is how we built the walls of our booth.


We love to toast with you during several occasions in our stores too. No matter if it is at Horsefeathers stores openings or events such as spring beer, pre-party foregoing snowboard movies premieres, concerts or other, we never miss a chance to bring you over for a beer.


Beer pong in Horsefeathers store right before Method Movie Premiere 2016 in Prague


Kickoff of brand new Horsefeathers store in shopping mall Olympia Pilsen, February 2015


We love to invite you for a beer in our store in Brno too. This pic is from our event called Spring beer when we competed for Horsefeathers products from spring collection



Horsefeathers Store Prague opening 2012



Even Horsefeathers riders don’t miss an opportunity to toast with a good beer (left to right Antti Jussila, Måns Hedberg and Petr Horák)…


… as well as our crew!


We simply have a history with our beloved beer. So we thought it would be worth it to devote one full line directly to it, contrary of the previous collections, in which we brought in just a few beer designs. In Horsefeathers Spring / Summer 2017 collection we finally gave shape to this idea and we proudly introduce a special line called Beer collection. In this sub-collection you can find not only sweatshirts and T-shirts, but also boxer shorts, socks or belts inspirited by our affection for beer.



Beer collection includes Cerveza T-shirt, Pilsener sweatshirt or Quit T-shirt. See all items from the collection by clicking at this picture.

Spring is simply a season when a cooled beer tastes a bit better anyway. We hope you enjoy this time of beer gardens and BBQs to the fullest ;) Cheers!


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