21.8. 2015Horsefeathers


The shooting of the new collection is always awesome. We look forward to seeing the new product as well as to the fun we always have. This holds true especially when it comes to the shooting we had in Innsbruck. We love Innsbruck! This place connects two things that we like the most: nature and snow. In this sense, Innsbruck will always rule.


photo: Vladimir Inek #FrameHill

Our Fall 2015 photo trip had several destinations. The first one, in the direction from Innsbruck to Italy, took us to the unbelievably beautiful nature and the surrounding area of the Obernberger See. We took photos of our technical products, which combine tech and fashion in awesome ways. You can take a look at them here. Jakub Karlik fell in love with the technical Jamie softshell shirt and it was really hard to make him wear anything else. Most of the time was spent by the superb Obernberger See, which Kuba could hardly resist, upgrading our shooting to an adrenaline experience. On the way back we headed to Stubai, to the location of one of the highest waterfalls in the Alps. The scenery was literally breathtaking. Nevertheless, we were still most attracted by the traces of snow in the higher elevations because we can´t wait for winter.


photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill


photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill

IMG_1822-ok (Custom)

photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill

That evening our team rider Michi from SANE! Crew joined us and together we moved off to Innsbruck for dinner. It is always great to enjoy work with a bunch of funny and crazy friends. We ate delicious pizza, drank some beers, but we didn´t go for a crazy party, because more work was waiting for us the next day ;).


photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill

Innsbruck is a beautiful city and it has a lot of interesting places. Every skater will be for surely blown away by the Landhausplatz square which is basically a skatepark. This super spot was created by Laac Architekten and it covers a space of over 9000 square meters. Built between 2009 and 2011 it is truly a skaters dream! If you can’t make it there, check it out at least online. We just had to come back a few weeks later, because the place is totally awesome! Also other locations in Innsbruck were screaming for a few pics, offering very interesting architecture.


photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill

The trip to Innsbruck shortened our waiting for winter and hopefully we can shorten your wait by bringing out the new Horsefeathers Fall 2015 collection with all the great new products and designs that you can now check out in stores and online. Enjoy and see you in the mountains soon :)
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photo: Vladimír Inek #FrameHill

video: Jan Přehnal #FrameHill

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