20.5. 2016Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers GO OUT: Spring 2016

Spring is always a forerunner of something new. It is a season which brings along new opportunities and experiences and wakes up a wish to try something extraordinary. This all makes us go out!

The winter is our beloved season but with the spring there comes a new collection and at the same time a fun connected to it. Motto of Horsefeathers Spring 2016 collection is a simple phrase “Go out”, because we believe that the best adventures and experiences happen outside. And it does not matter whether you are staying out within the city or in the nature. Our shooting brought together activities typical for the city with these that we usually do in the countryside. These two seemingly contradictory places are, according to us, complementary to each other and when you are wearing a technically advanced and at the same time stylish clothes, you do not have to choose just one of these two possibilities.


photo: Tomáš Vojtas

During our trip we linked up work with fun. Guys rode throught the city on skateboards, cruiser and BMX and put to the test not only tees and pants from the Spring 2016 collection, but also a lightweight Warren jacket. These pieces were perfect for our crazy times spent in the woods too, where Michal even tried to perform a few tricks on skateboard. Girls were mainly jogging and riding a cruiser during our shooting.

video: Matěj Novotný

The shooting was really demanding and at the end of the day we all were tired, but happy at the same time. Our whole crew was excited about performed work, which contributed to a great atmosphere during the entire trip. To experience such a feeling is possible only after a day spent outside!


Warren jacket & Denise jacket

With this trip we launched not only the new collection, but also the season of outdoor sports, trips, first BBQs and other activities related to spring. We hope that Horsefeathers Spring collection 2016 will help you to live out this season to the fullest and above all, outside! GO OUT!


video: Matěj Novotný

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