28.5. 2015Michal Čejka


As soon as signs of Spring are felt in the air, each skater gets a severe condition of itchy feet and is ready to take off on any skate trip that could possibly come up. The Horsefeathers skate crew did one recently, and it was clear what needed to be done: skate, shoots photos and skate some more.


Arnošt Ceral – frontside flip / foto: Kubo Krížo

The organization went down pretty fast even though the notice was short and the plan was to go during weekdays. After a few phone calls, the crew was clear: Arnošt Ceral, Tomáš Kopáček, Michal Galík, Jakub Karlík and our new team addition Michal Leslie Veselý. Kubo Krížo was the man behind the camera and Tomas Carda managed the video documentation. Our vision was a lot of skateboarding, some chilling and soaking up a bit of the spring air. 

4fotkyThe Crew / Leslie poping out blunt / Jakub Karlík – hardflip / Dinner / foto: Kubo Krížo

We chose a perfect location – a nice concrete skatepark in Loucna na Desnou. Some of the guys have already been there in previous years with Sur skate camps, but I was amazed. Amid beautiful mountain scenery is a super nice skatepark surrounded by hills and woods. I knew right away it will be awesome to skate here. We did not hesitate and unpacked our home on wheels, which was a cool camper, that Arnost just recently bought. The guys had never skated together before, so I was pretty happy that they clicked in really fast and started killing it. At that moment I knew we would definitely get enough great shots and footage. After the skate session was over, Kubo Krížo worked his camera to capture shots of the guys chilling to record the lifestyle and atmosphere on the trip.

Later, we found a great spot to camp. That’s where we settled down for the night and got a fire going. At that moment Jakub grabbed the position of the head chef and created an amazing feast for the crew, which brought him huge props. With everyone completely stuffed, the fire going and the mountains cutting through the night sky, we knew the camping mode in fully on!

_MG_3407The crew / foto: Kubo Krížo

The next day we woke up to a sunny morning and had a chance to see once more how amazing this pace really is. I fully recommend a trip to Loucna to everyone.

After a few sessions in the park, we had to pack and get ready for a journey home, since most of the crew had to be at work or school the next day.

It was a short, but great trip: meeting with the guys again, skating, spending time outside in beautiful surroundings – what more could one ask for. Thanks to everyone for the great team atmosphere and great skateboarding!

Watch the #HFSKATEBOARDING hashtag, which connects our riders, trips, events, behind the scenes and all that is Horsefeathers skateboarding! Enjoy your spring and summer and skate hard.

Michal Čejka (skate team manager)

Video: Tomáš Carda


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