23.4. 2018Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Reflective line

Be visible when needed, become invisible when not!

Have you ever been curious about what it feels like to be (in)visible? To be exposed to all eyes but still remain unnoticed? Just take on any item of our Reflective line and great things will happen!

Days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and it all leads to staying out a bit longer. Night skate sessions and late night home returns repeat a several times a week and it’s always nice to get ready for them. With reflective clothing, made just for a night city life, we put the style and safety at the same level. These classy items during the day cannot be overlooked in the darkness! Reflective Brace jacket is almost cosmically bold. Its look cannot be easily described by words, so rather push the play button!

Video: Samadhi production


Photo: @domino_hungr


Reflective material reflects a lot more light than normal fabrics, so when the jacket appears in direct light, it becomes the only thing visible at the moment. Its surroundings, just like the wearer, dip in the total darkness. This is how you become (in)visible.

Even our riders took a fancy to the items from the Reflective line. Just take Eiki Helgason who is amazed by the reflecting glass effect: “I’ve been using the Brace jacket while going around town and stuff. People get so hyped on it, when they see it!!”


Eiki standing in the spot light / Photo: @viktorh

eiki reflective

Eiki’s night ramp session / Photo: @viktorh


The Sweedish member of our snowboarding team, Måns Hedberg, knows how to be visible on snow / Photo: Joakim Hammar


Photo: Joakim Hammar


HF team riders Maxim Habanec, Michal Gálik and Michal “Leslie” Veselý cruising down the streets of night’s Brno / Photo: @domino_hungr

Brace jacket is made of 100% polyester with outer waterrepellent laminated membrane providing a waterproofness of 3.000 mm. The tech base of the jacket is formed by one of the most durable threads available from the Coats company, critically taped seams and the high-quality metal YKK zipers. Adjustable bottom hem, inner pocket, fleece chinguard and other features are an inseparable components too. In the daylight, the Brace represents a classy windbreaker in which you won’t get wet and after rain, you will appreciate the jacket being easily foldable to keep in the backpack. In the pocket you can also find a smart beer opener.

Reflective line contains, next to the cosmic Brace jacket, also Leader hoodie, Base T-shirt, Tanner boardshorts and Icon belt, to make you (in)visible even at warmer spring nights. Enough theory, it is high time to light up the streets!


HF skate team rider Michal Gálik / Photo: Jara Sijka


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