15.12. 2016Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers trip to Finland

Once the spring slash disappeared from the Central Europe, Horsefeathers crew set off for Finnish resort Ruka to meet some proper snow. How did it all turn up?

At the end of past season, in late spring, our Horsefeathers crew consisting of Petr Horák, Zoltán Strcuľa, Måns Hedberg and Antti Jussila went to Finnish resort Ruka. We made a serious road trip; 36 hours in the car, 2.750 kilometres, 10 food and beer stops and 0 killed reindeer. After this journey, we arrived at Ruka and spent there awesome seven days. Difficult to describe the vibe with words, so better if you sit comfortable, put the volume up and hit play.


video: Matěj Novotný

Experience the whole trip day by day by looking through the pictures taken by GrobePhoto:

DAY 0: On the way to Ruka

Day 0 - small pics

Early morning, waiting for ferry to Helsinki / Czech & Slovak crew is ready for shooting / Two drivers for 2.750km on the road

Day 0 - Main pic

Horsefeathers crew – Matej, Tomas, Antti, Horis and Zolo on the road

DAY 1: River spot


Meeting with local guys to get know more about surroundings / Prepare our first spot of the trip / Zolo tasted how does it feel when you don´t land the spot


Antti Jussila – One foot

DAY 2: Concrete spot


Get ready… / …stomp it… / …and check the shot!


Petr Horák – Fs handplant

DAY 3: Morning – In the middle of nowhere


Far away from all reindeers, in the middle of nowhere / Antti is ready for everything that could happen / Good mood is neccessary, even if you pull the bungee whole morning…


… and all because of this! Because of snowboarding!

DAY 3: Afternoon – Back in street


Well-known street spot in Ruka needed to be cleaned before we dropped it / …. / Horis enjoys few minutes of modeling before he droped down to rail


Petr Horák – Bs grind 360 out

DAY 4: Park session


Whole crew / Måns Hedberg – sw fs noseslide to bs noseslide / Baterka just found the best angle for shot


Måns Hedberg – Sw Bs 900 nose to tail

DAY 5: Grill and Chill


Everybody is working on the setup… / chilling at BBQ… / and cruising down the Snake run!


Zoltán Strcuľa – Shiffty tailbonk

DAY 6: Ruka


Antti and Måns helping starving reindeer to survive / Three heroes of this spot – Måns, Zoltan and Horis / Zoltan on his way to stomp it


Måns Hedberg – fs air

Thanks to all who helped to make this trip happened – Hanuš Salz, Pavel Kubíček, Jussi Väätäinen (www.ruka.fi), Alex Novotný (www.dronpro.cz), Marek Sainer (www.filmcrew.cz)


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