28.2. 2017Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers X Sane! crew

Horsefeathers joins legendary shred crew from Innsbruck to bring in a limited edition of jibber’s jacket. And it is definitely worth it!

The Sane! crew is based in Innsbruck, where it all started. A group of riders met each other when snowboarding, skating or partying. After some time they wanted to make their own edits and that was basically how the crew emerged. It all began with just a name and a few sketches of the logo. Later on came also the first self-made T-shirts and the first full snowboard movie called Saneshit. By now the crew has been riding together for almost ten years!


This legendary local crew from Innsbruck has been closely connected to Horsefeathers for many years. Two of its founding members, Michi Schatz and Steve Grumser, are simultaneously Horsefeathers global snowboarding team riders, so the friendly connection is pretty obvious. We proudly present the limited edition of HF x Sane! Cook jacket made in collaboration with shred buddies from Sane! crew.


Both Michi and Steve see the crew as one big family that grows steadily by asking more and more people to join in. “Sane! is a fluid bunch and everyone who spends some time with us simply becomes a part of the project. We want to show people out there that snowboarding is all about having a great time and at the same time giving riders a feeling of belonging to a group, a feeling of some kind of group identity and team spirit. Every rider is part of this, no matter where they are from, what language they speak, or what they look like. It’s all about sharing, and this only makes sense to those who are into snowboarding.” Steve Grumser. This is the main idea leading the crew´s beginning. From the beginning they are simply a group of shred mates who love snowboarding and try to spend as much time on snow as possible.


Sane! crew is not only a bunch of guys who just ride together. This well-known local shred crew is also standing behind sick parks such as Sane Rinn Jib Park or Innsbruck Patscherkofel. This is also the best way how to meet them during the season. Tune in to more from the Sane! crew by following their Facebook page.

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