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Jakub Karlík: Skateboarding and Art

Jakub Karlík has been with the Horsefeathers crew for some years. At his age he is doing really a lot of stuff: he is a skater, student, artist, designer, shop assistant and primarily an active, creative and witty person. Jakub was the obvious choice for the interview with the Horsefeathers crew member. We were looking forward what he will disclose about himself.

Hi Jakub, please introduce yourself.

Hi. I am 23 years old, I live, study, work, create and skate in Brno.

You have been really active this year. What is something to look back on?

This year brought a lot of different ventures, but my biggest joy was to design some boards for some Czech skate brands. This was my big dream and it’s awesome to meet people who ride “my” decks. This year I also had my first design in the new Horsefeathers collection which is something I was looking forward to for a while.

At the same time, I cooperated on the Garand Brand products, Skaterock.cz and Sur Skate Camps. I am working on my own limited edition clothing line with designs you can‘t see anywhere else. I also had some success with my studies, because I was admitted to the painting atelier in university in Brno.

You’ve been with Horsefeathers for quite a long time and you are definitely an active person. What was your journey like and what did it bring you?

My HF journey began on September 10th, 2012. At that time I moved to Brno to attend university. I fulfilled my dream to work in a skate/snow environment while supporting myself. It gave me a different perspective on the Czech skate community. Thanks to the fact that there are no limits to any initiatives, I can take part in running the shop, planning events, store and brand marketing, contributing to the collection, travelling to destinations that I would never visit by myself. This fun “job” requires time and energy, but the investment is worth it.


photo: Kubo Križo

What’s the one thing at Horsefeathers that you like the most?

Before I worked at the Horsefeathers store, I already had a positive feeling towards Horsefeathers clothing. It is a bunch of people who like their job which does not start at 6AM and ends at 6PM, it is their lifestyle. They push their boundaries further from year to year.

You began as a part-time shop assistant in Brno, but now you do many other things for the brand. What do the stores mean to you. What do you think defines them?

I think that the stores bring a lot of focus and brand identity, as it is not only about sales. When we prepared a big local event, for example, it meant that five members of the crew did not sleep the entire week. We didn’t even go to school. We just built the ramps and transported the snow till 2AM. At this moment you realise that it is more than just a job.

True story, 100% agreed. You are working on your own project as well. Tell us something about it.

I started printing my own t-shirts. There were many ideas and I wanted to do something that would atract people´s attention. Let´s see how far it can go. But I stuck to the low quantity print runs and to the motto #madeinobsession.

Your #1 sport is skateboarding and lately your riding has been sick. Which of your tricks are you most proud of?

Thank for the props! However the biggest draw for me is to do tricks at places where no one else would ride. But still I was the happiest when I did my first olies on the pavement, or a kickflip because I just wanted to learn so badly. That is why there is the strongest feeling of satisfaction.


photo: Vladimír Inek

What about your snowboarding? We saw your edit and it’s pretty good. What does riding mean to you and which type of riding do you like the most?

My dad brought me to snowboarding at the age of 10. Thanks for that, dad! It was the first activity that really stoked me. I wanted to be on the hill all day. Later on this enthusiasm shifted to skateboarding and now snowboarding is a great way for me to relax. I usually prefer watching creative snowboarding on the street spots. I am not really a fan of the big athletic moves, but I feel a great respect towards them. I would rather watch videos that are about the crew that rides for fun. That makes me want to go out and ride.

What is your personal favourite snowboard trick?

I stick to boxes and smaller jumps. My favourite is fs tail 270 out and I like to treat my tricks as if they were on skateboard. I was the most surprised when I did a ss fs 270 to ss fs boardslide on a jib box.


Let´s discuss Horsefeathers collections a little bit. There are three designs which you made for the winter 15/16 and spring 16 collections. What are their stories?

The Freeriding design for the winter collection was created more than a year and a half ago. At that time it was the first design I sold. I found the inspiration in the sign that warned the slopes were closed because of the danger of avalanches. I played with the gesture that was included in the original sign and after that I added the text „Freeriding saved my life“. A design with totally different meaning emerged.


I have another two designs in the current Horsefeathers spring collection – Dreamer and Cigarettes. During the making of Dreamer design I wanted to interconnect two basic elements, which make us what we are: skateboarding and snowboarding! Dream catcher is exactly the symbol that fixed my idea about the fact that we all are a little bit trapped in what we are doing and in the way we live. But it is also exactly what we want.


Cigarettes design has a pretty different story behind. The print of the shirt itself had emerged far earlier than I used it as a design for a tee. Originally it was kind of a small experiment with printing ink, rolling-press and an old shirt in graphics class. After more than two years I ran after this print again with an idea of the new use. After copying the image and a few additional computer adjustments, there emerged an unusual design Cigarettes.


You were also a model during the shooting of both collections. Was it your first time? How was it?

I modeled before only because there was no one else available to show my designs. I’m super stoked to be able to represent my own designs in the Horsefeathers catalog. We all had a great time during the whole photoshoot.

Do you have a favorite item from the current collection?

It is the technical shirt Jamie. It was a love at first sight. This piece has a great cut and color. I choped down a tree in it, I did a hardflip and I also introduced it to the snow. For me, the Jamie jacket is one of the best pieces of the collection.

Finally one slightly philosophical question. Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

I don´t have any picture of myself in 10 years, but if I would still be devoted to my own creative activities, to create interesting and remarkable work in a collective of inspiring and open-minded people as much as I do right now, it won´t be bad at all. But at the same time I could have a baby or my own cooking show, who knows? :-)

Thanks man! If you want, here’s space for any message you want to give.

Thanks for this interview. My greetings to my whole family, to all my friends and to the HF crew, it’s an honor to work with everyone. I also wish a great ending of the winter season to everyone!!

You can follow Jakub´s Instragram account @yakokarlik. Some of his post are really worth checking out!

Cover photo: Jara Sijka

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