16.12. 2013Tomáš Šorejs

Riders on the snow

If Tomáš Šorejs was into music he would be, no doubt, a multi-instrumentalist. But as there’s no such a thing as multi-sportsman all you need to know is that Tomáš is really enthusiastic and excels in whatever he does. Even his blogs are hilarious. Read on some of his thoughts about the recent season opening in Austrian Kaunertal.

“I’ve finally moved, I’m sorting my life out and happily live without the internet. All right I’m connected via phone but the connection is so slow that it gives me time to do some other work and besides I can’t spend hours on the net so I can dish some dirt on what’s going on in Kaunertal. ”

Winter’s about to start in the Czech Republic but all of us are used to going to Kaunertal at the beginning of each October to get in the mood. I’m not even sure what’s so special about this place but to tell the truth I was always the youngest in the gang and was happy that someone was willing to take me places and I didn’t have to deal with all the stuff.

Tomáš Šorejs

In addition to being here for the first snowboard season I also get to meet friends I haven’t seen for yonks. Kamil comes here every year, he’s a serviceman at Dublin Parliament and this year he cycled around some parts of Himalayas. Pánys, a mate I spent last winter snowshoeing with, went to Sweden to chop down trees followed by a planned trip to Australia which meant we wouldn’t see each other. Or two other buddies, Tomáš and Pepa, whom I only see once a year on the slopes. Plus more mates from Trutnov. I can’t ask for anymore.

This year I drove my car so more of us could squash in, but it certainly was more fun. On Thursday my T3 with 5 mates set off to conquer the glacier and around 10am we got there. I couldn’t believe how much snow there was!

Tomáš Šorejs and his T3

On Friday morning we found out that due to avalanches risk we wouldn’t be allowed to go up to the mountains. So every snowboard gang in the town built a number of small spots and an awesome bash started. We didn’t loaf around and after opening the beer keg we got a shovel and busted our balls to build a small kicker over the cattle yard rails. Doing jumps we egged each other on whilst enjoying superb weather and the first snow. A spot of grilling in the evening with some beer and firewater shot-drinks, simply super-duper time!

On Saturday morning we can finally go up to the mountains, my beloved T3 climbs up the altitude of 1000m no problem, sun’s shining and there’s tons of snow. We’re off to check local stalls, then hire the boards, snowboard goggles and then off we go to the track to show the world what we’re made of. There’re queues all over the snowpark. I wanna enjoy myself so go off-piste with friends to run free in powder. We were joined by some other buddies who finally realized that Austria was the place to be. They’re staying in a hotel right at the bottom of the mountain. Time flies when we ride. The afternoon is finished off with a classic session on trampolines.

We stole some firewood in the evening and the first snowboard season party kicks off.

Outdoor BBQ party

The whole crew

Sunday session is cut short ‘cos we have to pack up after lunch and leave to give my time machine enough time to get home by midnight. There’s beautiful warm autumn day, only slightly snow dusted mountains in the distance give away that winter’s just round the corner. Buddies are having a kip after our demanding snowboard experience and I’m already dreaming about coming back in a few months time.

See you on the track! And damn sure we’ll be there for the next year Kaunertal opening!”


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