2.1. 2014Ladislav Hrstka

Little Killer’s Diary

Láďa Hrstka is a little big killer. A great future is right ahead of him if he won’t go too high-and-mighty and will keep training. Even now aged twelve he’s able to do tricks that we ordinary mortals can only dream of and damn sure wouldn’t learn anything like that by the mature age of thirty. And since you become more fearful after reaching that age it is safe to say that we’ll never learn anything like that. But never say never so we wish you all the best in your efforts, lots of courage and patience….Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Láďa’s first great adventure on the other side of the pond:

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

“D-Day arrived and I made my way to Prague Václav Havel’s Airport. My great journey to America began. Finally! There were endless queues first to check-ins, than to departures…Whilst waiting, we managed with Přemek Vida to make a great pic. I couldn’t wait for my first ever flight.  Finally we took off – it was an hour flight to Frankfurt and then around ten hours to America. I took a few pics on the plane and was counting down the minutes until it was time to land. After landing we still had a two hour car ride ahead of us. But finally we made it to our hotel. All was cool but huge comfy chairs were out of this world!

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

Day 1: The first day in Colorado is behind me and so far so good. But we didn’t go riding yet as we were jet lag and it was also Black Day when you aren’t allowed to use your lift ticket. We went shopping instead but got in a wee bit of trouble. In the store our bank cards were declined so we all had to chip in but then went happily home.

Day 2: Finally we are riding! The park was super but the way other riders did the jumps was so different from what we know. Well, I got used to it but took it easy at first and just did straight air jumps. But jibbing was a different story! I did 270 to frontside boardslide. Then we went to double kink to take some pics. After some time it was only me and Martin Mikyska left but we didn’t give up and I went for fs noseslide pretzl but unfortunately with no success.

The most shocking was how lovely people were and all the freebies we got.

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

Day 3: I now feel comfy with the local jump ramps. I tried to do fs 360. The first time I couldn’t do it but then I got it and it’s all caught on video.  On the box I even managed to do fs noseslide pretzl.

Day 4: Our destination changed. Instead of Breckenridge we’re off to Keystone. There were three brilliant jump lines. You could do some great things on them but unfortunately they were a bit on the short side. But I had awesome time practicing backside and front side 360. It was pretty cool and I was ecstatic ‘cos it wasn’t my strongest trick last year.

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

Day 5: Jibbing was our motto for today. The weather wasn’t all that great but still I had a blast. Caught on video it went like this – fs 270 onto rail, 50-50 grind on a halfpipe, tucknee spins, wallride tail grabs, and pipe bonking. On the last rail I did 50-50 front side 1 out. Later we went shopping but there was nothing I fancied.

Day 6: The weather in Colorado was even worse. It was absolutely pissing down so we stayed at home watching movies. Then it was off to the gym, swimming and just for fun we also played volleyball and went to sauna. Hopefully the weather would be more in tune tomorrow.

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

Day 7: Finally first-class weather! We started off riding rails ‘cos the jumps were busy with some teams who paid for their time there. Shaun White was there with them and I wish I took a pic with him but there is always next time.

Once the jumps were free we took a few pics. My best pic was when I did fs 270 transfer to kink. I felt bombastic.  We finished the day off at the gym.

Day 8: Another day’s here. We were off to Breck for some jumping. I did both backside and front side 360, but have to admit that 360 on bs wasn’t my strongest point.  I think I was leaning too backward. But on my last jump I even managed fs 540. I’ll get it perfect one of these days.

Day 9: Again, the weather was crap but we did some jibbing at least. It was still awesome. We filmed our time riding on rails. I wasn’t very good on a half-pipe but on a box I did 180 in 180 out butter and also my fav trick – fs 270 to fs boardslide and also to fs blunt out. I learnt this trick on a box.

Láďa Hrstka / photo: Přemek Vida

Day 10: We sorted out our shopping today. We chilled a bit and then went to ‘all you can eat’ Chinese restaurant. In a hat shop I bought Los Angeles Kings hat, I had to have it! And I got something for mum, dad and both sisters.

Day 11: Breck was very windy so we couldn’t really do any jumping. But it got better so we started shooting and taking pics. I have some awesome pics when I did fs 540. I tried fs 720 but no luck. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to learn the trick. We took pics on a bubble, I did noseslide but I have to say that this was the first time in America that I was totally dog-tired. .

Day 12: Great day in Colorado, I had unreal experience on the cable car! I couldn’t believe it but Marcus Kleveland was in the same car. If you don’t know who he is, look him up, he’s a total megastar and can you believe it we both had the same board! I practiced jibs and I also had a trick battle with Miki Pajer. All right I’ve lost but never mind ‘cos I’ve managed to do one foot boardslide on the box for the first time ever. So I’m a happy bunny even though I have to eat a shelled egg as my punishment for losing.

Day 13: We spent the day at Breck ‘cos there were a number of jumps closed in Keystone but we didn’t mind as Breck was mega. Also, Drew tour was taking place there so the tracks were swamped, but hey let’s go back to the tricks.  I did a couple of fs 5 and finally I also managed ay do fs 7 and I have an awesome pic of it. We’re planning to do bs rotation tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Láďa Hrstka with coach Přemek Vida / photo: Přemek Vida









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