2.11. 2015Horsefeathers


Have balls and support the Movember project with us again!

You need balls for snowboarding! No matter if you are dropping to the backcountry line, huge kicker or street rail down twenty stairs. At the same time, you also need balls to admit that you have a health issue and to speak about it openly. And that is why the Movember movement is here again!

Every November the men who take a part in the project become living displays of the awareness of prostate and testes cancer. By their acts and words in public as well as in private, they raise the awareness about this issue and at the same time they collect a financial help for a big charity gathering.

Horsefeathers Clothing supports the Movember project for five years already. Together with our MO bros and sis´ we have helped to gather almost 30.000 EUR and, what is more, to spread the awareness about the issue among the young generation. A big part of the money was gathered by selling of special products whose gains are donated to the account of Movember.That is why we also prepared this season the HFxMO collection including mens and womens T-shirts, cups and trucker caps.


The face of this year´s Movember collection is our rider Tyler Chorlton, who not only has to have balls for riding hard backcountry kickers and big lines, but is also well-known for his luxurious moustache.


“Growing a true MO takes time and dedication, same as getting the shots in the backcountry, you gotta work at that shit!! Support your bros with your MO’s.”

Tyler Chorlton

So, our MO bros and sis´, do something good and support Movember project by buying products from the special HFxMO collection or by donation through our MO team. Thank you!

You can find the HFxMO products in the stores of our partners who decided to support Movember with us:


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