23.2. 2012Zuzana Salz


Horsefeathers team rider Zuzana Salz is on a big Pan American Highway trip! Pan American Journey is an updated blog which brings you exciting stories from the trip. Enjoy!

Ten years ago a seed was planted and a Road Trip was born. The thought of buying a van and cruising down from Vancouver Canada to Patagonia in South America was a mere dream….but reality is here and so is the trip!

Kamil, my boyfriend and my plans are wide open to adventure. We have no exact plans, just a rough idea of what we want to see and explore. The Pan American Highway will be our guideline….Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Mesa Verde in the USA; Pico de Orizaba, Yucatan in Mexico; Relax, Hike and Surf in Central America and then Ship ourselves to South America where we expect the real adventures to begin. This trip may seam like fun and games, but the truth is while traveling on a budget things always go wrong and many frustrating situations arise somewhere along the way. It’s a journey to explore all sorts of Mother Nature’s forms, learn and do new things as well as meet people with their customs and just get away from schedules, laws, regulations and mass consumption.

Vancouver totem poles – Stanley Park / Zuzana Salz

Departure / Zuzana Salz

So hopefully we’ll slow down the time and enjoy the simple things in life for a few months, or perhaps years……
Packing and getting ready for a trip this long involved a lot of organizing and a lot of chaos! Moving out of the apartment and cancelling and paying bills at the same time was definitely the least fun, but it’s worth it!
Once we arrived in Vancouver, my dad picked us up and immediately we started looking for a camperized Van. I hooked up with a one of my best friends Bianca from High School, so we stayed with her for the next 4 days. The buying procedure was thrilling, we wanted an old beat-up van from the outside, but with a sound motor; that in itself is a tricky task.

Perfect from the outside but had no motor / Zuzana Salz

We saw so many rust buckets that probably wouldn’t make it to the next Starbuck’s….and a Starbuck’s can be seen on every corner, pretty much as often as the pubs back in Czech……
A few days later we we’re driving a 1989, 250 Dodge Ram Van down the road……

Buying the van / Zuzana Salz

Here we go! / Zuzana Salz

But after only 200 meters from the point of purchase the van coughed and stalled. Huh? Oh man, what a start. We figured the gas tank must have been completely dry so next thing you know we were walking empty handed to the next gas station to buy a jerry can and some gas. It wasn’t the best start, but we did get a laugh out of the situation!

At the moment we are in Greenwood, the smallest City in Canada where we will be for a few weeks visiting my parents, sister’s family, friends and slowly preparing and equipping the Van for the journey.

15 min after buying the van / Zuzana Salz

Fueling the van / Zuzana Salz

The first beer in Canada – Pilsner Urquell / Zuzana Salz

This is America! / Zuzana Salz

Totem pole / Zuzana Salz

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