21.3. 2012Zuzana Salz


Horsefeathers team rider Zuzana Salz is on a big Pan American Highway trip! Pan American Journey is an updated blog which brings you exciting stories from the trip. Enjoy!

So Mt.Baldy has had an epic snowfall and all the Snow junkies have come out of their dens! This is the ski hill where a whole bunch of us started snowboarding and where “Champagne Powder” was a common thing. Mt.Baldy is a relatively small local hill with no line-ups – even on the weekends – so there’s a ton of untreaded terrain. We’ve been able to ride around without running into other people, almost unheard of in Europe! But we did run into a few old buddies who are now snowboard veterans. One of them being Stewart Carlson, who was involved with the beginnings of Horsefeathers. Another was Jesse Uphill, the guy down the street who I used to have a crush on when I was 7 years old!

Mt. Baldy view / Zuzana Salz

Mt. Baldy / Zuzana Salz

Anyway, there was first time ever “All Natural Terrain” competition that was quite special because not too many of these events are permitted due to liability hazardsand safety issues. Snowmobiles and Tucker, an ol’ 1956 Snowcat, shuttled everyone up to the top of Mt.Baldy where the peak elevations stands at 2303m, but the run itself was probably no more than 400m. Jesse placed 3rd in his category when he pulled some huge Air off the last 6m cliff!

Competition / Zuzana Salz

Sisters / Zuzana Salz

Tucker 1956 / Zuzana Salz

Tucker 1956 / Zuzana Salz

Jesse Uphill / Zuzana Salz

If you want to check-out the ‘Retro’ Mt.Baldy website for photos or info about the competition here it is: http://www.skibaldy.com/

Talking about Competitions, there was a similar one that is also the first of it’s kind for the Big Wig Pro Snowboarders like Travis Rice, Terje Hakonson, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruff and Euro Niemela in a town near by called Nelson, BC. Nelson is known to be a hot spot for pro riders and a whole lot of Heli boarding. Here’s the link.
So that’s a bit about the snowboard world, but even though we’re out in the smallest city in Canada, the possibilities for having fun are truly endless if active and get your butt of the couch. And my sister’s kids are good at not letting us rest…

Hiking with Zoe / Zuzana Salz

Olik and mom / Zuzana Salz

Otherwise we took the Van in for one more check up to the mechanics, and next week we are planning for lift off towards the Southern Sun!

P.S. And don’t forget that Hockey in Canada is not just a Big Deal, it’s a F_ _ing BIG DEAL! And yeah, a lot of girls are out there kicking ass on the ice…

Hockey / Zuzana Salz


Boo / Zuzana Salz

Artis – Czech ski / Zuzana Salz

Drop #1 / Zuzana Salz


Drop #2 / Zuzana Salz

Drop #3 / Zuzana Salz

Drop #4 / Zuzana Salz

Old Cat / Zuzana Salz

Old Cat interior / Zuzana Salz

The Cascades / Zuzana Salz

Turn #1 / Zuzana Salz

Turn #2 / Zuzana Salz

Turn #3 / Zuzana Salz

Turn #4 / Zuzana Salz

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