30.5. 2012Zuzana Salz


Check the new Pan American Journey blog post about loads of surfing in Mexico by Horsefeathers team rider Zuzana Salz!

And so we’re back on the road with a Van that is still reviving and stalling on the downhill’s! Usually cars have problems with uphill’s not downhills! Anyway we’ve been to two mechanicos and they fiddle with something and then say it’s good! We think the problem is that no mechanic wants to start probing in an old motor…..that could mean a lot of work and a lot more problems!

Good news is Kamil bought a 9 foot surfboard and is catching his first waves, yahoo! The town of Sayulita was like a small California in Mexico and so even though the waves were good they were crowded with a lot of eager beginners. After we bought the board we had to plunge into the water with everyone to test drive it! Like all beginners Kamil is battling with the waves, teeth and nails but he’s holding on – Especially to the board! Other than that we’ve been exploring a lot of roads and a lot of beaches out of curiosity. Gold, White, Black and rocky beaches but few up until Barra de Navidad were surfable. Just as we thought we hit the jackpot with picture Perfect wavesin Barra there was a jellyfish Fiesta going on and there were hundreds of white-spongy stinging blobs along the shoreline! Ahhh what a pity!

Surfboards / Zuzana Salz

Mechanicos / Zuzana Salz

Playa Ora / Zuzana Salz

Now further south, there are many more surf spots but we’ve ended up in Nexpa a nice small tranquil town with a lot of coconut trees. It’s another surfer haven with a lot of surfers from veterans to really young kids all taking advantage of the three different breaks the beach has to offer. It’s a great place to stay if you want to kick back for a few days. Our only fear here are the falling coconuts! Which is obviously the least of our worries…..but just off the record, every year several people die just from falling coconuts! No joke!

Anyway we did make a hiking trip inland, up to National Park Nevado de Colima. It’s a volcano that measures 4240m and sits beside an active Volcano De Fuego that puffs out smoke daily. The great thing about Mexican Parks is that there are no maps and no designated trails tourists have to follow so you can roam around the park wherever you like! Of course the descent with the Van was a bit of an ordeal, 17km in 3 hours with a lot of stopping! Oh yeah, and the city of Colima has Free Wifi internet right in the main plaza! A plug-in and a table with an umbrella all right under an orange tree!

Navado de Colima / Zuzana Salz

Free internet under orange tree -Colima / Zuzana Salz

Anyway cops and roadblocks are everywhere but for now we haven’t had any more encounters with them. But what every driver here does have an encounter with are the speedbumps! There are probably as many speedbumps (Topas) as there are people in Mexico! And they come in different sizes, shapes, textures, colors and some are even camouflaged therefore pretty much invisible! Man, you can hit the ceiling of your car if your not careful! Overall though, it’s surprising there aren’t more car accidents because Mexicans drive like there’s no tomorrow which is funny because everything other than driving, is easy going and slow paced here. Typicaly everything is manana, manana!

So if everthing goes well and we don’t loose a wheel going over a Topa we’ll keep on heading south in a few days!

Showering / Zuzana Salz

Tacos / Zuzana Salz

Pups / Zuzana Salz

Country life / Zuzana Salz

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta / Zuzana Salz

El Salto waterfall / Zuzana Salz

Typical mountain farm / Zuzana Salz

Caterpilar / Zuzana Salz

Some sort of fly / Zuzana Salz

First hitchhiker / Zuzana Salz

Soccer / Zuzana Salz

School girls / Zuzana Salz

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