28.11. 2013Zuzana Salz


Horsefeathers rider Zuzana Salz is enjoying her last days in Ecuador and she's ready to move to Peru. Her Pan American Journey continues!

Engabao Point

Enough of the cold, it’s back to the sweaty coast! Finding decent waves to surf in the off season is a tricky task. We tried Montanitas, Playas and then finally the fishing village of Engabao which was like finding the x on a treasure map! It’s a punchy and consistent point break….so punchy in fact that one of the waves happened to snap Kamil’s board right in half! Helping the kids pick up garbage on the beach was the only other activity other then fishing that was left in town!

Snapped board

Anyway more driving, more sightseeing, more driving, more sightseeing life on the road has it’s own way of becoming monotonous…..sometimes!

Anyway some way down the road we ran into a tiny gringo-hippy town known as Villcabamba. Lots of foriegn residents, lots of meditating, all sorts of spiritual happenings, drugs and alcohol. And coffee. And San Pedro which is a legal liquid that’s extracted out of a cactus and used as a Medicine by Shamans or Indians to induce visions and hallucinations. These ceremonies come with smoke and prayers and are said to have powers that guide you. These traditions are called journeys, and are said to help you open your eyes and see the truth about yourself and about the world around us.

Czech gypsies

And then there we were again, a few days later driving down another muddy and bumpy dirtroad.  But after two days, we finally arrived at our next gate full of opportunities……actually one lonely booth with horses running loosely around….Officers laying in hammocks……A bridge…..The border…and another entry to another country…..Hello PERU!



Self tattoo

Engabao – Fishing town

Go’in fishing

Another local


Garbage clean-up Ecuador

Local – Engabao

Home sweet home


Traditional school parade

Wild bananas






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