1.2. 2014Zuzana Salz


Finally in Peru! After spending some time in Ecuador, Zuzana Salz has moved to new destination and here is the first experience.

Yipeee Yay Yo another border! After traumatizing our van through 100km of mud and rain, we crossed the most remote but also most laid back Peruvian border La Balsa. And as soon as we could, we turned our faithful gas-guzzler to the West in the direction of the Amazon rain forest.

Sunset – Amazonia River

A 16 hour boat ride aboard the “Romantica” where you sleep in swinging hammocks, took us to the dusty town of Lagunas. It’s located half way to Iquitos (the biggest city not accessible by road), but our destination was the pristine Pacuya-Samiria natural reserve outside of Lagunas. It’s forbidden to explore the park without a guide, so we were set up with a couple knowledgeable locals and two hand carved canoes that came with a couple of holes. During the four days in the mighty jungle we saw an abundant amount of wild animals including an anaconda, a tarantula, several sloths, literally heaps of birds and the least appreciated but masses of Mosquitoes. There is only one thing that you Truly cannot forget to bring when you go to the jungle: 3 bottles of Heavy Duty REPELENT. Other than the adrenaline we experienced from The Mosquitoes, we went out Crocodile hunting and caught a small but feisty one that we released after shocking it with our flashes. Other than that we swam among piranhas, then we fished piranhas and later we ate piranhas. But if your bleeding or have a cut, piranhas will tear you to pieces. As we returned back to Lagunas we met and stayed with the only “white man” in town who by chance happened to also be a good ol’ “White Czech!” The trip out here was pretty exciting and worthwhile for any adventure seeker.

On the boat to lagunas

A bit further South we stopped at Karajiji and later at Revash which are very different but are both sacred tombs set in cliffs. Bones are randomly scattered about so you can even piece together a Mr. Skeleton. Then a long narrow and hair-raising road took us to an elevated plateau where the pre-Inca settlement of Keulap, built by ancient Chachapoya indians, was discovered. For now it’s a very peaceful and picturesque site, almost comparable to Machu Pichu, perhaps not as dramatic but for now definitely without the tidal wave of tourists.

Karajiji Cliff Tombs

Back on the coast we ended up in two significant surf towns: Chicama and Huanchaco. Chicama is known as the world’s longest left, where I really did catch the longest wave of my life but also turned purple inside my 2 sizes to big wetsuit! The Humboldt Current from the south is F*** cold! And then there’s Huancaco which became famous for inventing the first so-called surf devices that are made out of straw!

And the Trash? Seriously Sick of Trash in Peru for a year with every citizen involved would maybe solve the problem. Ohhhh it’s that bad, and that’s sad.

Chicama – Longest Left in the world…so they say

Huanchaca – First surfs

Wildlife hunting


Jungle Hut

Biiig tree

Jungle fungus

Green iguana


Crocodile hunting



At Dave’s in lagunas

Two way road

Rice fields


Keulap ruins

Peru roads

Free bones

Kids in the tiny twon of Revash

Revash cliff tombs

Money making dog




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