3.6. 2014Zuzana Salz


For miles and miles, Northern Chile is notorious for it’s sun-cracked landscape! With no trees or water in sight, the Atacama desert is covered with salty plains, sand and rocky terrain, making it feel like your on Mars! It’s the driest non-polar desert in the world and surprisingly there’s no lack of wildlife!

Northern Chile

Northern Chile / Zuzana Salz

The coast, like the interior is totally dry. But at least on the coast, the hot and isolated white sand beaches collide with the icy Humboldt current, making the temperatures bearable.  Talking about icy, we made a little trip out to the west to see a park full of high snowy peaks called the Tres Curzes.  We climbed a 6000m mountain one day, and the next day we were soaking in the natural hot springs along side a salty ice-cold lake called Lago Verde. Not only did we meet a whole lot bunch of friendly Europeans but we also encountered several not-so-wild foxes who came right up to us! But still the funniest were the backward-knee-bending flamingos who run on the water’s surface before they lift off….check out the photo! :)

Laguna Verde

Lago Verde / Zuzana Salz

Now we happened to get lucky this time around, and wadda ya know, we happened to cross the DAKAR race route…..on the final day of the race!! So of course we stopped to check out the crazy drivers! And later that night the final event took place in Valledupar where we met one of the Czech Tatra truck teams, the Bonver Dakar Project! So they invited us to come along with them, I think our mean ol’beast of a van must have had an impression on them! ;-) Ohhh and the Pilsner Urquell Beer from Czech that they shared with us never tasted so good…..home sweet home!

Off to Santiago the capital of Chile and zoom zoom over the boarder to the last country on our list…..Argentina!


Tatra camp / Zuzana Salz


CZ Tatra 69 / Zuzana Salz

TATRA Teams -Dakar

Tatra teams Dakar / Zuzana Salz

Dakar Bonver Team Slivovice

Dakar Bonver team slivovice / Zuzana Salz

Looking Lost in Chiles' Capital City Santiago

Looking Lost in Chiles’ Capital City Santiago / Zuzana Salz

A road that makes you feel like your in a boat

A road that makes you feel like your in a boat / Zuzana Salz

Valle de Luna - Atacama Desert

Valle de Luna – Atacama Desert / Zuzana Salz

Quartz Cave in Valle de Luna - Atacama Desert

Quartz Cave in Valle de Luna – Atacama Desert / Zuzana Salz

Pan Azucar National Park

Pan Azucar national park / Zuzana Salz

Some deserted white sand beach

Some deserted white sand beach / Zuzana Salz

Another Nice Beach

Another nice beach / Zuzana Salz

Birds waiting for the tide

Birds waiting for the tide / Zuzana Salz

Lago Verde & the Natural Termal Baths

Lago Verde & the natural thermal baths / Zuzana Salz

Fox or the so called Zorro

Fox or the so called Zorro / Zuzana Salz

What a Pretty Fly

What a pretty fly / Zuzana Salz

Flamingo on the Go

Flamingo on the go / Zuzana Salz

Flamingos at Lago Rosa

Flamingos at Lago Rosa / Zuzana Salz


Refugio / Zuzana Salz

Top of Cerro Vicuna - 6000m

Top of Cerro Vicuna – 6000m / Zuzana Salz

UFO petrogly..................................................

UFO petrogly…………….. / Zuzana Salz



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