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Roger Silva skates Barcelona

The Brazilian ripper Roger Silva is living & skating in Barcelona most of the time. What's the story behind his life? Check it for yourself...


Roger Silva / photo: Lina Marie

You are Brazilian, but you live in Barcelona. What’s the story behind the move?

I’m from Cascavel in south Brazil. Then I moved to Curitiba, the capital of the province. My mom was living in Spain at that time and she invited me to try the life there. When she told me that, the first thing that come to my mind was Barcelona. So that’s why I chose Bcn.

Where do you see the biggest difference between the lifestyle in Curitiba and Barcelona?

The scene in Bcn is much bigger and better. In Brazil, the spots are hard, dangerous and the surface is usually really bad. The good thing though is the market over there is getting bigger and bigger. Many local brands have grown a lot during the last years and now they are starting to give opportunity to the teams to start to travel outside of Brazil. It’s so important for the growth of the skateboard culture!


Roger Silva / photo: Alex Braza

What is it in Barcelona that makes it different from other cities and that makes people want to live there?

Spots, weather, parties, plus it is a really nice city for tourism and lots of nice food. It’s not so expensive as well!

Has skateboarding in Europe and in Spain changed a lot over the time you are part of the scene?

Yes, for me it has, since I have been filming and shooting photos with Spanish magazines and doing a lot of contests. And I have made a lot of friends around here, which is great and it is also good for the scene!

Skateboarding is definitely not a sport. But what would YOU call it? How would YOU define it?

I think is a lifestyle and also a good job.


Roger Silva / photo: Alex Braza

What has this lifestyle given you? Do you see personal growth/change along this path?

You just put pressure on yourself and overcome fear every day. Try hard and then, when you get it is indescribable!

You also see people getting so good on the board. In between that I know so many friends that used to be on drugs, or leading a dangerous life, but skateboarding changed their life! Skateboarding will give you a new life!! A different one.

There are guys out there skateboarding well into their fifties, even sixties. Can you see yourself as a lifelong skater?

I don’t see anything, cause I don’t know what’s is gonna happen in the future. But I wish to be able to skate as long as I can and be fit to keep my routine.


Roger Silva / photo: Lina Marie

What would you pursue if you could not skateboard?

Maybe would like to have a company!

What is your current no. 1 wish?

I wish to stay in Europe this year, travel to some contests, finish a new PROject with Jart skateboards, film a small part and after that we’re gonna go out  :-)!


Roger Silva / photo: Alex Braza


Roger Silva / photo: Lina Marie




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