3.7. 2016Horsefeathers

Sick of Trash 2016

The Sick of Trash campaign has been helping to make our surroundings cleaner, and so that more beautiful, for five years already. Join us!

This year is the fifth in a row when we organize, support and participate in cleaning projects not only in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to draw the attention to the issue of illegal dumps and trash in general. The project emerged to bring together all the people who share the same interest in keeping nature clean and who are not afraid to contribute their own help.

SOT_uklizeci (Custom)

photo: Matěj Novotný

Our crew has cleaned an illegal dump next to the railway line. We were advised of this place by one of our colleagues who saw it on his way to work. We took the protective gloves, shovels and other necessary stuff and went into action! We were driven by determination together with a great mood, so we coped with a big load of trash in less than three hours. All together we gathered up 26 bags of rubbish. Great job, gang ;)

SOT_fb_centrala_uklid (Custom)

photo: Matěj Novotný

Our team riders are also aware of the sad fact that there is still a lot of trash to clean in the surrounding nature. They truly are sick of trash, which they prove every year by their cleaning projects. For example the member of our global snowboard team, Tyler Chorlton, went over a part of Pyrenees in Andorra, where he filled a number of bags with the found trash. Czech biker Filip Štrunc joined our project through the cleanup of an illegal dump and trash located mainly along motorways where it is unfortunately still easy to find.


photo: Matěj Novotný

If you are sick of trash too, join us! It’s easy: take a picture of the messy place before your cleaning, during and after it. Afterwards send the pictures with a short description to sickoftrash@horsefeathers.eu till July 31st. We reward everyone who joins us this year. Thanks for that!

For more information about the campaign and all stories of participants visit:

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