12.12. 2013Marion Gouwy

Snowboarding in Chile without ACL

The newest member of Horsefeathers team Marion Gouwy broke Anterior Crossed Ligament of her right knee few days before the take off from France to Chile. Hopefully, it looks like she can snowboard without it. So lets go take a look with her to Santiago de Chile!

“The problem about Chile is that you always want to come back there. This land is fantastic for exploring. From northern desert, where it’s always warm, to Patagonie Chile shows extraordinary views. But this summer we had just 1 month to visit a part of Chile. We travelled with our splitboard around Santiago (center of Chile) where is the highest mountain of “Los Andes”, and I went down until volcano region where we found the best powder of the month!

Powder, wind, nice people, “mui rica” food, oceans and elevation 5 000 m composed our travel. Some times, we see all of them in 1 day because, you just need 2 hours to cross Chile by car, from hight Andes to the beach of Valparaiso.

Thanks to El Colorado and his Santa Teresa face,

Thanks to Nevados de chillàn and his light powder,

Thanks to Villarica volcano and his landscape,

Thanks to all chilenos who help us,

Thanks to all of you, I forgot I broke my ACL few days before to take plane! ”

Marion Gouwy

Marion Gouwy

Marion Gouwy

Marion Gouwy

Marion Gouwy with friends







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