9.4. 2013Ville Uotila

Spring with Ville Uotila

Hey everybody,

I just had an interview with snowstoked.com crew and now you can read it here: http://snowstoked.com/down-with-ville-uotila/

I’m right now at 5star contest in Andorra (Total Fight) and just got 8th. The conditions were super dangerous due the wind and foggy. They had to cancel the whole contest after my 3th run. Couldn’t have any speed and I missed the whole landing.

Also check the new Method Mag. There’s a story from my Alaska trip. Here’s the link for the story: http://methodmag.com/content/134

Have a good spring everybody!!


Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

Rider: Ville Uotila / METHOD MAG

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