27.3. 2017Horsefeathers

New collection Spring / Summer 2017

Snowboarders love summer... Really, we do!

After busy winter comes spring in which we recharge our batteries and look forward new experiences. We made the brand new Horsefeathers Spring / Summer 2017 collection ready for any activity that you might want to do in the following months.

We were thinking about the best way how to introduce our new spring collection to you. When it comes to Horsefeathers products, we take a combination of technical materials and stylish cuts for a granted. That is why we don’t want to repeat a sure thing and this time we get to it differently. Let us show you our favorite pieces. Get inspired by Horsefeathers crew:

HF crew tips


MICHAL is on the move all day in the warehouse. That’s why he prefers totally comfy clothes. And Poker T-shirt meets this requierement without any doubts! “It is a black and white classics you can wear all day long whether you’re working or going out with your friends. Personally I fell in love with this tee mainly because of its print, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Black chest pocket with label just tops it all off.”


KATKA takes care of economic department and even the daylong work with numbers doesn’t take away her good temper. “I love to amuse people in my surroundings with a funny statement so having it written on my chest is just awesome! And Shayla top really speaks my mind! ;)”


Justine and Frida tops are an obvious choice of our designer KACKA. Both tops have specific cuts and fine-tuned color combinations. “About Justine I like its broader neckline that lifts up a classic raglan tee to another level. Sleeves with dots make the whole look more delicate and proove that black and white combination is not only for a rough girls! And Frida? A relaxed tank top made for longboarding and other summer fun. Ideal piece!”


MATES from marketing department is due to the all sorts of event frequently out of office. From this reason he chose Bolton jacket. “A waterproof jacket is simply a must have in the spring. I chose the camo colorway because it goes almost with everything and I love the jacket’s orange details. Not speaking about its lightness!”


Fashion designer STEPAN can’t deny his love for beer. “Our spring collection 2017 contains also the Beer line, which has been made right for me. Pilsener sweatshirt with HF logo embedded in the bier label is simply the best! And what’s more, a bier bottle fits perfectly into the front pocket.. Proved!”

To ensure there’s going to be simply no space for boredom in the spring, we included several special lines in the new collection. These are Black & White, Beer line, #livinmotion and Rataj Art X HF. What’s special about these limited editions?

Rataj Art X HF


In one word? Unique! This is a minicollection of men’s tees created in the collaboration with popartist Josef Rataj. Each of the designs was firstly painted on the canvas. That is what makes Palette T-shirt, Cruiser T-shirt and Rage T-shirt real originals that cannot be found anywhere else!

Beer line


Beer line is devoted especially to all beer lovers! Spring is a season of beer gardens, BBQs and in general it is a time when cooled beer tastes a bit better anyway. This was also the reason why our designers came up with a special edition of sweatshirts, tees, belts, boxer shorts and socks, that backs you up during all challenges that may cross your path in this demanding season. Horsefeathers comes, as well as the best Czech beer, from Pilsen so this relation is simply inevitable. Cheers!

Black & White


Black & white is just classics. Our Black & white line contains all the pieces starting with jackets, getting on with sweatshirts and tees to caps, belts and other accessories. Here you cannot miss the target!



Women’s and men’s line of purely technical products livinmotion appears in Horsefeathers collection for the second spring season. With our riders´ needs in mind, we come up with a new range of technical products to support not only them when sustaining their physical well-being during their active winter season as well as along the whole year. #livinmotion line has been made for everyone who takes an active movement as an essential part of the everyday life. The sub-collection has been designed for limitless physical movement during which we seek not only for the functionality, but also for the appearance.



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