24.8. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list – Rider’s wishes

This summer has been stuffed with fulfilled dreams. Are you curious about the wishes of our riders? Then keep on reading...

Horsefeathers Summer bucket list is over and we would like to thank you for the support! All this summer we were fulfilling your wishes and we believe you enjoyed it as much as we did. Three months of summer adventures are gone and it is about time to introduce you to the summer goals of our riders. How does the summer of someone who usually spends half the year on snow look like? Let’s have a look!

Måns Hedberg


Wonders of Sweden :D

“I didn’t have anything specific on my “Summer Bucket List” other than hiking in the very south of Sweden. ..which I never did since the Swedish summer weather SUCKS! At least we did a good try and travelled all the way down there (15 hours by car), went fishing and slept in the car but we gave up after five straight days of heavy rain, haha. Our mood wasn’t the best and made us (in complete anger) book tickets to Portugal. We went there for a week and experienced the heat from the sun for the first time in weeks! We enjoyed the beaches, food and sangrias – lovely!”


Steve Grumser


Treflip between rice fields

“This summer I was able to tick off some things from my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go to Indonesia but I was never a big time surfer so when I found out they have mad skateparks as well, my summer destination was clear! I had awesome six weeks with my homies, full of surfing, skating, exploring and enjoying the local cuisine! Here are some of my impressions in pictures (unfortunately I have no surf pic but in the end it was too much fun for everyone, so we didn’t really shoot while surfing and were just enjoying the mellow waves in Indo!).”


Zoltán Strcul’a


This is what we call a sea view

“On my summer bucket list there was surfing for a couple of years. I was finally able to fulfill my dream this summer. At the beginning of August I visited Asturias in Spain with the help of Dominika Horníková, my snowboard friend Jacco Bos and his girlfriend Marina. Me and Dominika stayed at their house for ten days and we spent almost every day in the water of the Atlantic ocean. Our days were full of different kinds of sport mostly surfing, yoga and workouts. I fell in love with surfing and the ocean during the very first day spent in the water. It is so amazing to feel how strong the waves are and how powerful is the ocean. No words can describe those feelings when you paddle to line up and then catch the wave together with your friends. I had really great times for example during an amazing sunset session with Dominika or when there was heavy rain while we were sitting on our surfboards waiting for the waves. I was really stoked on learning everything about waves and surfing. I hope I will be able to go on another surf trip soon.”


Eiki Helgason


Photo of Eiki looking like he knows what he’s doing :D

“My plan for this summer is to finish the main floor in my house. It’s been my side project for few years now and finally it’s about to be ready! Can’t wait to move in before winter…”


Antti Jussila


Antti sailing the sea with his buddies

“One of the best times this summer was while I went sailing with my friends on the Finnish archipelago. We had this 26m long old wooden sailing ship which was originally made for delivering sand back in the days in 1947 and then they renewed it for crusing few decades ago. One of my good buddies, who is a snowboarding photographer as well and has been working on this boat for ages, was our chief officer and took care about everything else on the boat. That also explains how we got on this amazing boat. Anyways its really sick to be on the sea and seek around the new islands and have a good time with your friends! One of those things that I want to keep on my summer bucket list till the boat exists!”


Klaudia Medlová


Having fun on snow all year long

“My summer wish was to get out on my snowboard finally! I was injured and went for surgery in summer so I didn’t really enjoy snowboarding much. After surgery I tried to enjoy summer in Slovakia, hanging out with friends and family, working out to get stronger. At the end I had really good times and I feel motivated to snowboard this season again! Sometimes it’s good to rest from what you love the most :) I’m riding in Australia now and in about three weeks I have my first contest of the season in New Zealand. Then I will do some surfing in Bali and then back to Europe and the same cyrcle over again :) Interesting season’s ahead, Olympics in February, so I hope it will be all good! My goal is to stay happy and healthy :)”


Dušan Kříž


Tourist together with the guys from Horsefeathers global snowboarding team

“I started off this summer with one of the best experiences ever, which was the trip with whole Horsefeathers crew to spa town of Vrbno pod Pradedem. There we shooted the brand new catalog in the local skatepark. My second best moment of this year’s summer was the trip to the Austrian glacier called Dachstein where I spent one amazing day on snow with Jirka whose summer wish got to Horsefeathers Summer bucket list. At the beginning I was excited about summer riding but then I saw Jirka’s happy face after the first ride and this charged me with a loads of positive energy! This moment was definitely worth it. And the rest of my summer is just full of work and responsibilities to make it possible to go up to the mountains again. Plus I plan a full season project, soo stay tuned! ;)”


Michi Schatz


Lost in the paradise woods

“My summer has started very well. After my fu**ing ACL troubles I’m back on my skateboard, mountainbike and downhillbike. That is why I could met up with Clemens Bergman for a nice bike day in Serfaus, which was a super fun day! After that I spent two weeks just relaxing in Croatia and I also visited the largest Hanffeld in Europe – INSANE! :D At the moment I’m working on my ACL muscle and looking for some nice new street spots around Tyrol. I hope I’ll be back on my board in two weeks if there is enough snow at the glacier.”


Good to see that all the guys had great summer. But this season is over and the best is yet to come! We hope you enjoyed a lot of fun this summer too and now you’re fully charged with new energy for the winter. Our whole team can’t wait for the following months spent on snow. Plans for the upcoming season are big and there’s plenty to look forward to, speaking not only about the Olympics held in February. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for what is coming next. Follow our activities and we promise you won’t miss a thing!


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