2.6. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list – Wish #2

We've fulfilled the second wish! The next could be yours!

We keep on making your dreams come true! This time we chose a summer wish of 26 year old Jakub who wanted to try flyboarding. Despite the fact this extreme sport exists for several years, it is still thought to be a rather unusual entertainment. Jakub was given a chance to experience what it feels like to fly over and also under the water level. With the help of special hydroflight device, called flyboard, he flew up to the height of six metres. The wish itself was crazy enough but we’ve decided to fine-tune it a bit anyway. How? Go on reading!


First things first! Let’s start from the beginning. Jakub added his wish to our online Summer bucket list right after buying his new Sanchez jacket in Horsefeathers store Pilsen. After that things went pretty fast. This wish immediately caught our attention and we all were absolutely up to it! We called Kuba that we have great news for him and his excitement left no doubts this is going to be huge!




To experience flyboarding we set off for the area of Vltava river bay in Prague, Hodkovicky. Weather was great so the only thing we had to care about was to equip Jakub with all the necessary stuff. Perfect moment for revealing our surprise! The coach, who has been waiting for Jakub at the bay, was nobody but pioneer of flyboarding in the Czech Republic Cyril Bourdon. This French legend, who engages in flyboarding professionally for many years, was ready to lead Jakub through his entire experience. Jakub begun with first attempts at stand up and in a while he was able to fly up the water level. Jakub was doing pretty good so he even challenged a trick called the Dolphin. Such a trick calls for a bit more courage because a flyboard needs to be high enough above the water level so that Kuba can jump into the water first and then fly out above it just like the dolphin. You definitely need to see this! Watch our video:


Jakub’s adventure begun with a few valuable tips from the founder of flyboarding in the Czech Republic Cyril Bourdon.


Time to put on a complete gear and go into action!


At first Jakub had to try what it feels like to be driven by jets.


After a little while there was a time to try flying above the water level.


Jakub was doing pretty good so he could have tried to fly higher…


…and he even got down to a trick called the Dolphin!



Flyboarding was a great experience not only for Jakub but also for our crew!


Kuba’s wish has been fulfilled and next time it could be right your turn! Just buy any Horsefeathers product from current Spring/Summer 2017 collection, go to www.horsefeathers.eu/summerlist, register and add your summer wish to Horsefeathers Summer bucket list. We’re going to fulfill the most exciting wishes appearing on our list! So wait no more and let us know about your summer dream!

Search #HFsummerList for all the fulfilled wishes. We are looking forward to the next one that could be yours!


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