30.6. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list – Wish #3

Snowboarding in the summer? Anything is possible! Add your wish to our list and see what happens next.

The third wish from Horsefeathers Summer bucket list is here! This time we fulfilled the dream of Jirka from Brno, who wished to experience summer snowboarding at the glacier. The only thing he did was to buy a product from our current collection in Snowboard Zezula store and the die was cast! To be honest, we enjoyed this dream to the maximum because the summer shred at the glacier is a dream of our whole crew too. That is also the reason why we had pretty hard times to make up our minds who is coming to the mountains with Jirka. Finally, the rest of the crew was beaten by our rider Dusan Kriz and we couldn’t wait for him making Jirka’s day unforgettable.


To make this dream come true, we headed to the Dachstein glacier in Austria. We picked up Jirka in the night to make his fun on snow as long as possible. Than five hours long journey to the Alps and here we are! Lady at the cash desk tried to frighten us saying there are no lifts in service due to strong wind but we didn´t let her discourage us and we did well. After getting to the top we saw lifts in operation. In spite of not really ideal conditions, caused not only by the wind but also by heavy rain, we shredded like crazy. All of us came with a big determination to enjoy every minute riding our boards because we know there are still some months ahead of our next snowy adventure. The fact that it was the first experience in Jirka´s life in snowboarding at the glacier made our adventure even better!


So we didn’t wait a second and kicked it off. We started off by a classic warm-up on the slopes, to shift to the park after a while. Here comes Dusan’s chance to show himself a bit and teach JIrka s few tricks. Jirka had a blast and we bet he really enjoyed this lesson. Do you think we´re exaggerating? Have a look a tour video and see by yourself! ;)

Video: Matej Novotny

In the afternoon the weather was finally better and that made it even sadder to go home. It´s no go, every fairy tale has its ending, so we packed our stuff, finished last pieces of our snack and off we go. From our trip to fulfill the third wish we came back home totally tired but happy as a clam because Jirka fulfilled not only his dream today, but also the dream of our whole crew.

Do you want to experience such a feeling too? Let us know about your wish and be the next fortunate whose wish will be fulfilled. Just buy any Horsefeathers product from the current Spring / Summer 2017 collection, register online at www.horsefeathers.eu/summerlist and add your wish to our list. Afterwards just wait whether we choose right your wish at the end of the month!


So go ahead and write us about your wish as soon as possible. Horsefeathers Summer bucket list is going to the grand finale! Get inspired by all fulfilled wishes and search for #HFsummerlist. And who knows, maybe next time we will see each other!








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