8.8. 2017Horsefeathers

Summer bucket list – wish #4

The grand finale is here! See the fourth dream coming true.

Horsefeathers Summer bucket list is heading to the final so it is high time to make some of you happy again. During this summer we have experienced a lot together! It was a great dose of adrenalin with Matus during bungee jumping, Kuba learned to fly thanks to flyboarding and together with Jirka we enjoyed an amazing ride on snow in the middle of summer. So what is next in store? We encouraged you to let us know about your wish and not to miss your chance to experience a great summer ride with us. Who is the next fortunate?


His name is Petr and he wished to learn how to skateboard with the help of Horsefeathers pro rider. We know how to fulfill such a dream. Let’s do this! Petr is 16 yo and comes from Horsovsky Tyn located in the Western Bohemia region. It was against nothing to pull him out his hometown and to set off the trip in the direction of Hradec Kralove together. Why Hradec? The answer is pretty clear. This town on the East is a place of our favorite killer and longtime member of Horsefeathers skateboarding team, Arnost Ceral. We couldn’t chose any better teacher for Petr. What’s more, Arnost invited us to his luxurious DIY spot called Gold JZD. This place is TOP secret so we could enjoyed our ride without any worries about crowds and the whole place was ours. Right from the start we provided Petr with complete skateboard including Ambassadors deck. So the first challenge was to assemble it with the help of Arnost. This is what we call the best way how to get off a real skateboard session!




Petr wished to learn how to skateboard, so that he could ride together with his friends. But at first he needed to gain ground and that was also the reason why he couldn’t wait for our lesson to start! Enough talking, let’s go learn Petr to skateboard just like he dreamt up! Ready, steady, the fourth Horsefeathers Summer bucket list video is right here:

Video: Matej Novotny

We can tick off another fulfilled dream. Petr learned the most important rules of skateboarding in one day. Now he knows how to make the right stance, so that his balance on the deck is unshakable, he made himself clear about the correct position of feet when riding and he learned how to push. After one day of skateboarding he mastered turns on the cross obstacles too. None of us even imagined such a progress, gooood job, Petr!





It looks like Horsefeathers Summer bucket list is over! Many thanks to all of you who joined in and let us know about their summer dream. We’ve had such a great time and we hope we were not alone ;) Recall all fulfilled wishes and search for #HFsummerlist.

This doesn’t mean our activities are over! Follow us and look forward to what is coming next! See you very soon.


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