21.11. 2013Daniel Koudelka


After a fantastic summer in New Zealand, Dan’s dream to spend time in the top snowboarding place came true. He moved to Innsbruck, Austrian centre for freeskiing and snowboarding, with a great choice of snowparks and glaciers.

In ‘take it easy’ New Zealand everyone’s smiling and everything’s cool, so you’d expect that my return from there to the homeland to a bunch of solemn people constantly complaining about everything was tough. But it was alright, you know.

I think that it was ok because when I returned I only spent 3 days at home and then went to Spain for 11 day surf adventure. Then it was school for 10 days, it wasn’t pretty time as there’re were no parties going on and like anyone at the university would tell you, the first two weeks are hellish.

I moved to Innsbruck after two weeks, where there are 4 glaciers: Hintertux, Kaunertal, Pitztal and Stubai within the space of 90 km.

It was the beginning of the season so the snowparks were just being opened and that meant that there’d be snowpark openings each week.

The first opening was traditionally at Hintertux and at the same time there was a freeski Festival IF3. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the opening. I spent all my time at the IF3 checking the screening of new freeski movies. Unfortunately as usual for Hintertux, the weather wasn’t great which meant I only got there for the first two days of the season.

Right at the weekend Kaunartal was opened and I made sure I was there. As usual the park was groomed by professionals and kept in tip top condition, the only problem were the awful queues. During the week I made it to Kauneral twice, and the weather was crap again after that.

Kaunertal / Dan Koudelka

Stubai – Dan Koudelka / foto:Petra Vacková

Pitztal – Dan Koudelka

Stubai – Dan Koudelka / foto:Petra Vacková

Kaunertal – Dan Koudelka

Stubai – Dan Koudelka / foto:Petra Vacková

Stubai – Dan Koudelka



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