Blogs from Anja Stefan

23.5. 2014Anja Stefan

Turkey - wealth of experience for Anja

The end of winter usualy means the end of season for snowboarders. Have you ever wondered what they do when they don't ride their boards? Here's one example from Anja Stefan..

6.4. 2014Anja Stefan


Horsefeathers rider Anja Stefan knows where to go for spring shred, barbeque, dancing, etc.. We are getting jealous! :)

25.3. 2014Anja Stefan

Rogla Freestyle Week

Teamrider Anja Stefan has been Rogla Freestyle Week, where she also met Darek Bergmann - brother from the Horsefeathers snowboard family.

29.1. 2014Anja Stefan

Vogel Tale

Horsefeathers rider Anja Stefan spent beginning of this winter in Slovenian mountains, because they finally got some snow there. So check her pics and get into the right mood for riding.

21.11. 2013Anja Stefan

Autumn living of Anja Stefan

Teamrider Anja Stefan is travelling very often between the mountains and Croatia. Especially during autumn, when she can snowboard at Dachstein on one day and go windsurfing on the next day.

7.8. 2013Anja Stefan

Anja Stefan enjoying the summer

Our snowboard team rider from Croatia, Anja really knows how to enjoy the summer.

10.5. 2013Anja Stefan

From winter to summer holidays

Horsefeathers teamrider Anja Stefan travelled straight from the mountains to the sea. Read more about her two weeks in Egypt here:

11.4. 2013Anja Stefan

Anja Stefan, the winter traveler

Horsefeathers teamrider Anja Stefan spent almost whole winter travelling and now she's almost back home. Here's a video how does a typical train trip look like :)