Age: 27
Hometown: Praha
Country: Czech Republic
Setup: 8.125 high concave, bones STF V2 53mm. Theeve 5.25

Tell us Max…

Three words to describe what skateboarding is for you?

Fun, freedom, everything.

Five craziest things you did on your skate?

Bigspin boardslide Hollywood 16, Hardflip down 12 over hubba in Sant. Petersburg, Kickflip over the hubba at legendary Muzeum double set in Prague. 360 flip noseblunt and the last one I don't know.

Thing you would never do to your skate?

Turn it into the scooter :D

Three most used words while riding?

Tak teď.

Your biggest crash?

Hollywood 16 the first try.

Riders you admire?

Nyjah, Shecks, Luan