Age: 30
Hometown: Sierra Nevada, Granada
Country: Spain
Setup: Rome SDS Buckshot 151, Bindings Targa +3,-3

Tell us ALEIX…

Three words to describe what snowboarding is for you?

Living to limit

Five craziest things you did on your board?

Surf a river
Jump from the roof of a restaurant
Snowboarding in the narrow streets of Andorra
Used a friend and his board like a pole jam
Did a rodeo flip over a boat

Thing you would never do to your board?

I would not lend my board to my girlfriend

Three most used words while riding?

Dale Papi, You got it, So Sick

Your biggest crash?

In Andorra when I broke my knee in street spot.

If you could choose in whatever snowboard movie you have your part, what would it be?

Arcadia, Videograss or Stronger

Riders you admire?

Benny Milan, Max Zebe, Jessy Blackwell and Tommy Gesme.

Sometimes you call your snowboard?

Mi pepino