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Kasper de Zoete and Egor Chebanov in snowboard movie Chardonnay - Premiere

10/12/2020 | Horsefeathers / Renata

A new snowboard movie from Notion snow called Chardonnay is out! And it definitely won't be any wine&soda mix but a real street snowboarding performed by four riders: Wouter de Groot, Jordi Spa and our team riders Kasper de Zoete and Egor Chebanov. We also interviewed them and we bring you some behind-the-scenes info from the shooting. You can find out why is the movie called Chardonnay and what happened during their trips in our short Q&A!

Kasper de Zoete
Egor Chebanov

Why Chardonnay? 

Kasper: Because who doesn’t love wine? Also our previous video was called Pinot Grigio. Consider this the sequel.

Egor: Why not? :)

How long did you film it? 

Kasper: In total we filmed for about 7 weeks.

Egor: For me it was 3 weeks.


Number of countries you filmed in? 

Kasper: Sweden, France, Austria and Italy so 4.

Egor: Almost all my shots were filmed in Sweden, and little bit in France/Austria.

Did all 4 of you travelled the whole time together? 

Kasper: No, the first trip of the year it was only Wouter, Nando (the filmer) and me. I fell of a roof the first day of snowboarding and had to recover for 6 weeks so that trip wasn’t very productive. After my recovery we started out filming again in central Europe for 2 weeks. After not finding snow anywhere we moved to Sweden. Thats where Egor joined in. From that point on we were with the 4 of us the whole time. We filmed almost everything in those last weeks in Sweden. The crew got super productive during that time. That was so sick.

Egor: Don’t forget about our filmer, Nando Dullaart was MVP! (most valuable person)


Who was the pusher one? 

Kasper: Nando

Egor: Kasper (after 11 a.m.)

Who was the laziest one? 

Kasper: Jordi and I, for sure.

Egor: Kasper (until 11 a.m.)


Bottles of wine emptied? 

Kasper: That’s a good question. Over a 200 I think but I kind of lost track after a while.

Egor: More than enough.

The sickiest trick you sended? 

Kasper: Fs 270 on a gap rail in Kiruna, in my opinion.

Egor: Last one I guess.


The heaviest slam? 

Kasper: When I fell of the roof during out first trip.

It’s a long and complicated story but essentially I fell down an 8m roof straight to concrete.

I had to be picked up by a trauma helicopter and was brought to Turino Intensive Care.

All things considered, I’m pretty lucky to still be alive and walking on both legs again.

In the end I broke my nose and had torn the posterior longitudinal ligament in my neck. 

The tear was small but this ligament is really important for your central nerve system so it was pretty sketchy. Shout out to my dad for flying to Turin and picking me up from the hospital.

Egor: Kasper fell down from the roof, the scariest slam!


The raddest spot? 

Kasper:  My ender, but I don’t want to spoil it for the people that haven’t watched the movie yet.

Egor: Snow park of Kiruna University :)

The funniest thing that happend during filming? 

Kasper: My dad payed for an airbnb in Turin when I was on the intensive care so the boys could visit me. Instead the went out to party and came to visit me in the IC the next morning totally smelling like alcohol after sleeping for maybe 3 hours. They were extremely hung over. Nando got an earring, Wouter almost got killed by some Turin thugs. Let’s say it was a heavy one for everyone.

Egor: Lice attack!

 The scariest thing? 

Kasper: Being in a helicopter wondering wether you broke your neck or not.

Egor: Hmmm 


Are you stoked on your shots in the movie? 

Kasper: I am! It has definitely progressed a lot since last year’s Pinot Grigio.

Egor: Yes, and I am really happy for the whole crew.


Rate your part from 1-10. 

Kasper: Hmmm. a 6? Decent but with room for improving. Never be satisfied too fast, that’s my advice.

Egor: 666


Do you like pizza Hawai?  

Kasper: The perfect dish for an uncultured swine.

Egor: Chardonnay is better!



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