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10 quick questions with... HANUŠ SALZ

6/1/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

We are introducing you a new series of short blogs called 10 quick questions with ... There is more than enough of seriousness everywhere out there. And that's why we decided to supply you with a quality arsenal of bizarre information about your favorite riders that you probably didn't even know you needed to know. Until now. Here are 10 quick questions with ...

The first person we asked 10 quick questions could not be anyone else than one of the Horsefeathers founders - Hanuš Salz. By the way, it's Hanuš's birthday today, so we would like to wish him: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND RIDE ON!" this way. 

Here we go...


1. Pasta/Pizza?  Dhal

2. Blondes/Brunettes?  Redheads

3.Morning/Evening type?  Whole day type

4. Rock/Rap?  Punk

5. Giving gifts/Receiving gifts?  Joy

6. Favourite way how to prepare potatos?  Eatable way.

7. Your weirdest "guilty pleasure"?  The one after I don't feel guilty.

8. Most consecutive days you've gone without showering?  A lot.

9. Song that you would choose if you had to listen to it for 10 hours in a row? One that I wouldn't go crazy from.

10. What's in the pocket of your snowboard jacket right now?  What even the initiates do not want to talk about.

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