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Matyáš "Maty" Krejčí: Ride a snowboard!

10/2/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

Maty Krejčí is an eight-year-old Czech snowboarder who is already killing it on boxes, rails and kickers. His favourite snowboarder is Halldór Helgason and he would like to make it to the X Games one day. He recently made a snowboard edit in which it's obvious that he is already actively preparing for it. See for yourself!


Hi Maty, how are you? Have you been snowboarding these days?

Hey, I am fine, yeah I've been snowboarding, it was good.


And where was it?

We went to Ještěd, to see my dad's friends and then we slept there.


Do you live somewhere near the mountains or how do you go to the mountains?

It's vary. Where there is simply a good or new snowpark, we go there. Unless it's very far. So, for example, sometimes we come to Vítkovice, where we park our camper van in the parking lot and sleep there. It's great that we don't have to go back and forth, back and forth. 


So every Friday you pack your stuff into the camper ven, take your boards, go somewhere where there is a good snow park, sleep there all weekend and then go back.

Yes, exactly.

Maty Krejčí

When did you start snowboarding?

When I was one year old, I stood on a snowboard for the first time. It was in Harachov, where my parents actually sent me from one to the other on the board. At the age of three, I started riding the slopes somehow slowly. I also remember that my dad took me to watch Just Ride and I just wanted to compete there, but he wouldn't let me, because I was too small, but in about two years I was registered there. I was glad about that.


And did your dad teach you how to snowboard? Does he teach you how to do tricks too? Or are you trying that yourself?

Yes, my dad taught me, as well aj my mom. He's teaching me. My dad is actually my coach.


I know about you that in addition to snowboarding, you also do parkour, ride a wakeboard, paint and tattoo. I'm interested in the tattoo thing. Can I make an appointment?

Well, I don't tattoo strangers. Only my dad's friends and dad.


And with what? Just a needle or do you have a tattoo machine? 

I have a tattoo machine that is actually my dad's and he sometimes tells me that he likes something I drew, so I gradually work on it, as well as on a snowboard trick, and then I do it smaller and smaller and he then tells me, stop, when it has the size he likes. And then I just copy it on his skin and tattoo it for him.


Okey, so let's make a deal. If you keep tattooing for a few years, I will make an appointment and come for a tattoo to you, deal?


And which of the activities we mentioned (snowboarding, parkour, wake, painting, tattooing) do you like best? What do you enjoy the most?



Thought so :) Your dad told me that when you ride, you don't want to eat or drink, you just wanna ride. Is it true?

Yeah, that's right.


And why is it like that? You're so into snowboarding that you don't wanna waste the time with eating?

Yes exactly. If it really needs to be, than I just pick some sweets, eat it on the way up and then ride again. Then I create a trash can out of some bag, leave it in my backpack and whenever I eat something, I put the package there.


Is there anything you would like to achieve in snowboarding?

Yes, I would like to go to the X Games in 10-20-30 years.


And who is your favourite snowboarder?

Halldór Helgason.

Let's move on to your new edit now. Where did you shoot it?

We shot it in Turnov and I would like to thank Wakecrew and the photographer Jan Kozák and my parents, because thanks to them we all organized it this way. The guys from Wakecrew lent us a winch so we could ride everywhere, it was great.


How long did it take you to film this edit?

This edit took us only one day to shoot. But other edits take us 2-3 days, approximately a week.


Which trick from this edit did you learn the longest? Which was the hardest?

I've been learning backroll the longest and I am still not stable in it, I'm flying like a rag doll.


And which trick from the edit you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the most that backside 360 from the edit, or just to fly over it and do a tailgrab and fly to a great height.


Is there any trick you would like to learn in the future?

That would be double front flip.

How long have you been sponsored by Horsefeathers?

For about 2-3 years.


And how did it started?

As I mentioned when I was little, I came to the Just Ride event, where I really wanted to compete, but I couldn't, because I was too small, then I forgot about it and then two years later, my parents told me that we would go to that competition. I was happy, and a little bit afraid as well, but then we were riding and pushing it there with various boys, it was fun. When the results were announced, they announced 3rd place, 2nd place, so I thought I couldn't be in the first one anymore, but in the end I was, I won it, and I was very happy about it.


How many competitions have you actually won already?

About 10 - 15.


And I guess there will be many more :) How is snowboarding in Horsefeathers stuff?

I really enjoy riding in them and they are mainly very well made.


Finally, one more question, I'm 20 years older than you and I'm still not snowboarding as well as you. Do you have any advice for me on what I should do to snowboard better so that I can shoot an edit like yours?

Well, I don't know. I'm not good at advicing.

And what helps you in learning new tricks?

For example, saying it a few times to myself, then I ask my dad about it, I ride through the park to see if anyone will show it to me or if anyone is doing it, then I ask my dad again how to do it and then I'm trying it.


And does it work for you at first try or are there any falls?

Usually it is on the fifth-sixth-tenth time. Or on the third.


Was there any bigger bail?

There was one. I put the PVC on the rail, so I made a sort of cannon broken down into the rail. I made a 360, the PVC cut my edge, and I fell down on the rail with my back and my back protector was thrown off. So it didn't help at all. But I didn't break anything on the snowboard, fortunately. 


Fortunately :) Is there anything that you would like to refer at the end?

Ride a snowboard! 


That's one good advice. Thank you for the talk Maty, and keep on riding at least as good as you are doing now and hopefully to see you on the slopes soon. And don't forget about that tattoo :)


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