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10 quick questions with... Boris Karolčík

15/4/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

We are introducing you a series of short blogs called 10 quick questions with... There is more than enough of seriousness everywhere out there. And that's why we decided to supply you with a quality arsenal of bizarre information about your favorite riders that you probably didn't even know you needed to know. Until now. Here are 10 quick questions with...

Boris Karolčík is a Slovak snowboarder, a great guy and our long-term fella. Boris works as a snowboard trainer in Bratislava's Hangair sports hall, works for Redbull as a student brand manager and in his hometown Martin founded a jib contest called Slide Show. This time he didn't escape our 10 quick questions either, so let's take a look at how he dealt with them!

Boris Karolčík

1. Sunny-side-up egg/Scramble eggs?  Scramble eggs, but it's true that every now and then, sunny-side-up egg as well. 

2. Movie/Series?  Movie

3. Would you rather have a girlfriend that is: 10 years older/10 years younger?  Now it will be 10 years older, but let's see what will future brings.

4. Singing/Dancing?  Dancing, and I'm quite good at it, at least that's my idea.. others may disagree.

5. Party in the bar/House party?  Right now I would like to have one in the bar after a long time.

6. What's the last thing you looked for on Google?  Love is in the bin - a curiosity that my teacher mentioned in class today.

7. If you were a porn actor, what would be your stage name?  Haha I absolutely don't know what nick I'd give myself. The first thing that occurred to me now is "Sweetieboy". That could work right? :D

8. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a date?  I don't remember any embarrassing story .. but I had a ridiculous experience when I said to her Bon appetit before eating and at that moment I thanked myself right away :D I don't understand what happened, but it was extremely ridiculous :D

9. If you have to eat only one meal till the rest of your life, what would it be?  Coconut cream chicken curry on mandarins + classic Slovak side dish half rice, half french fries, haha.

10. What was the dumbest way you got hurt?  A fall from such a big punk swing over the river. It ended in a concussion, a broken arm and ribs. I really enjoyable the first day of the holidays. :D

photo: Matúš Rendek

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