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Podcasts focused on action sports

29/8/2021 | Horsefeathers

Podcasts have held their place in the media space for quite some time now. With the pandemic, the position of the existing ones was strengthened and at the same time of "sitting at home", many new and interesting ones emerged. However, we are especially interested in those in whom the adrenaline in our blood rises only when we listen to them. These are podcasts focused on action sports. From snowboarding, freeskiing, skateboarding, biking to surfing and everything in between. That's why we have selected for you a few podcasts focused on action sports, which we think should definitely not be missing in your headphones. Ready? Tune in!

1. The Bomb Hole

In 2020, a snowboard podcast called The Bomb Hole was created. Pro rider Chris Grenier and photographer Ethan Stone, talk to top riders and big names from the snowboard and freeski world. The podcast is released every Wednesday and you can look forward to a great dose of inspiration, humor and behind-the-scenes infos from the lives of our favorite riders.

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2. Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast

Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast has been on the scene for quite some time now. Specifically since 2017. It was founded and led by journalist Matt Barr, who has been in the board sports industry for 20 years and has written about action sports for a variety of media from the Times to Transworld Snowboarding. Looking Sideways is a podcast about the stories of people from the world of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and related activities.

Folow Looking Sideways on Instagram:

3. The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast is a podcast of Mike Powell, who spent his career in action sports management and worked with the world's best skiers during his 18 years career at K2 Skis. Through his podcast, Mike prepares a dose of interesting information for us every week while immersing in the lives, careers, history and psyche of the best riders in the field of action sports.

Follow The Powell Movement on Instagram:

4. FN'Rad Snowboarding Podcast

FN'Rad Snowboarding Podcast was founded in 2015 and brings interesting interviews with snowboarders from around the world. The founder and host of this podcast is snowboarder Erik Traulsen, who is inspired by the stories of people from the snowboard industry, which he tries to convey to his listeners. The podcast was created because when Erik worked as a postman, he listened to podcasts all day, but he lacked distinctive snowboard names and legends in them. He therefore decided to start interviewing them himself before anyone else did.

Follow FN'Rad Snowboarding Podcast on Instagram:

5. Banged Up with Bruce Oldham Action Sports Podcast

As the name suggests, the guest of this podcast is none other than Bruce Oldham, a professional freestyle skier who invites guests from all over the world who have anything to do with action sports to his podcast.

Follow Bruce Oldham on Instagram:

6. The HKT Podcast

From the snb and freeski world, we will move to the world of two wheels, which will be happily guided by bikers Olly Wilkins and Davi Birks in The HKT Podcast. It has been on since 2016 and focuses primarily on the bike community. They are inviting the world's top athletes, big brand founders and interesting people from the industry. Shortly, they chat to rad people and they have fun whilst doing it.

Follow The HKT Podcast on Instagram:

7. The Adventure Stache

And our list of action sports podcasts concludes The Adventure Stache. Professional mountain biker Payson McElveen chats in it with the biggest sports names, not only, from the cycling world. As a pro biker, Payson himself travels a lot around the world, where he meets inspiring athletes, brand owners and many other people, whose stories are discussed in the podcast. Informal conversations are as diverse as his guests themselves.

Follow Payson McElveen on Instagram:

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