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Dan Hanka in a new Czech freeski movie by Šimon Bartík, Slav & friends

29/9/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

Dan is a Czech freeski skier, a lover of classic American cars, rollerblading, #allblack outfits and Rock n 'Roll. You can currently see him in a new freeski movie by Šimon Bartík aka Šimba, called Slav & friends. Yes, the lunatic who rolls it down on a black snow-free slope is Dan. You will learn more behind-the-scenes info from the shooting in the next short Q&A.

Dan Hanka

Slav & friends is a project of freeski skier Šimon Bartík aka Šimba. How did your collaboration come about? Did he just called you, hi, I'm making a movie, don't you want to have your part in it? Or how was it?

Not really. Šimba and I ride a lot together, so it all came about as naturally on its own as it should.

How long has this film been shooted?

This video was filmed for 2 years. The original premiere was cancelled because of covid situation. So when the new season began, new material was created. And since no one actually saw the original footage and video, we were able to shoot and continue collecting material. And it was a good idea.

Where was the movie filmed?

It was filmed in the Czech Republic, both in cities and in the mountains. And then in the Austrian Tyrol.

Did they kick you out of a spot while filming?

Yes, yes, from the red multikink - but we managed to shoot it. And then I was kicked out from the letenské Výstavište, where I wanted to jump off the building rooftops. But we didn't have time to build it. Maybe luckily we didn't.. Just climbing itself there was psycho, haha.

Did you travel with Šimon and the other riders for the spots together or was the shooting somehow fragmented?

With Šimba and Króča, we mostly had a meeting at the spot. Then the others sometimes arrived. A few people also filmed solo and sent footage to Šimba, who then processed it.

Top spot from shooting?

For me, it was probably Zermatt, because it's skiing in the middle of summer on a glacier, in a T-shirt and in a good park. Short and fast lift, so you manage to do a lot of rides and I like that. But otherwise each spot is top in a way.

Do you prefer a park or a street?

This is terribly difficult to say. I prefer both, because both of them have their own magic. But it's too much of a good thing, so devoting the time to just one of that is not very good and it's nice to change things up a bit. It's good both for health, inspiration, fun and psyche.

The craziest trick you've ever gone there?

Downhill on the black slope in Špindl without snow. It was a really psycho and totally stupid idea. But luckily we've both survived, and we're still scared about it, haha.

The craziest trick from the movie overall? (can also be from other riders)

Mhmm... I probably can't say that. There are lots of perspectives on what can be considered the craziest. And I can also think of a lot of things that I liked. But if I had to choose, I would honestly and a bit selfishly choose my straight air over the ramp in Špindl, because it was quite scary and the death factor was quite high, haha.

The biggest bail of the film?

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during the filming. So fortunately we don't have to declare this category. There used to be a lot of funny crashes and situations that turned out well in the end though.

The funniest thing from the filming?


Are you happy with your part? How would you rate it from 1-10?

I never even realized that I was filming a video. We always had such a relaxed vibe, that I just did what came to my mind and what I thought was good at that moment. Looking back, I think I could have done something better.. Or there I could have done a cooler trick, for example. But all this is terribly complicated and it would be for another interview and podcast together, haha. By that I mean I don't do it for marks, grades or points. I do it because I enjoy it. I also enjoy my ride in the film. And what's just as important, is that it entertains the people who watch it. And from the feedback I vaguely remember from the first premiere, people enjoyed it. So for me, I'm happy with it.


Bratislava, Slovakia - Wednesday  6.10.2021 - Hangair, Bratislava, Slovakia

FB event: Horsefeathers Freeski a SNB Premiéry

Follow Dan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danihellhanka/

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