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Horsefeathers riders & their snowboard/ski gear

17/1/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Have you ever been interested which outerwear and equipment do our Horsefeathers team riders use? Are you looking for new ones and would you like to get inspired by your favorite snowboard or ski rider? Then check out our new article, in which we asked about it our riders, and they revealed their favorite winter pieces of this season in which they ride backcountry and shred streets, as well as models of their current boards, skis and much more.


"The colors, material and fit works well for me." - Halldór Helgason


Snowboarder - Island

Jacket: Norman atrip - toffee

Pants: Charger atrip - phantom

Snowboard: Lobster Halldór promodel in size 156

Bindings: Lobster Halldór promodel bindings

Snowboard boots: ThirtyTwo TM-Two XLT Helgason promodel Snowboard Boots

Snow/ski goggles: VonZipper Halldór promodel goggles


"I'm really hyped on how my signature line came out. Been trying to get this oil theme going for a while and I really think we finally pulled it off perfectly." - Eiki Helgason


Snowboarder - Island

 Jacket: Ripple Eiki - phantom

Pants: Charger Eiki - cracked black

Snowboard: Lobster Eiki Pro

Bindings: Lobster Eiki Pro Binding

Snowboard boots: Deeluxe Team ID LTD.

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers


"I ride this combo because it fits the way I ride the most, my jacket is super breathable yet is well insulated so it can handle the cold of the deep backcountry as well as a hot slushy park day." Tyler Chorlton


Snowboarder - Andorra

 Jacket: Ymir - macaw green

Pants: Medler

Snowboard: Bateleon Surfer Ltd, Bataleon Party Wave

Bindings: Bataleon bindings

Snowboard boots: Northwave Domaine

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers


"I love the Ymir jacket in fiery red, great fit, got all the pockets and features you need when you hike a lot in the alpine or ride in the trees in heavy snowfall, lightweight, highly water resistant, just perfect and reliable for any weather condition. My favourite pants are the Medler pants. I really like this Bib pants, they are comfortable, highly water-resistant, stylish and keep me dry in deep snow even after a slammed trick." - Steve Gruber


Snowboarder - Austria

Jacket: Ymir - fiery red

Pants: Medler

Snowboard: park and jumps - K2 Medium, backcountry - K2 Manifest, powder - K2 Alchemyst

Bindings: K2 Formula bindings

Snowboard boots: K2 Ender

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers x Melon Optics Parker, Horsefeathers x Melon Optics Chief


"This is my favourite all black look. Perfect for shooting street clips!" - Egor Chebanov


Snowboarder - Russia

Jacket: Asher

Pants: Nelson - black

Snowboard: Joint Chebanov Pro

Bindings: Fix Magnum

Snowboard boots Vans Infuse Arthur Longo

Snow/ski goggles: Ashbury


"I have chosen several combinations for this winter. Since I ride primarily backcountry, in most cases I have reached for products from the ATP (Addicted to powder) collection. In the Halen jacket, I have already ridden in our film" Two vans No plans "and I have to I admit that I really enjoy it thanks to its design and the combination of two colors. It's the type of jacket I take straight on the functional underwear and it keeps me warm all day long."- Dušan Kríž


Snowboarder - Czech republic

Jacket: Halen - golden rod

Pants: Nelson - black

Snowboard: backcountry gun - Drake Battle Rusty 163W cm, snowpark - Drake Team 160W, street - Drake Squad 159 cm

Bindings: Drake SuperSport

Snowboard boots Northwave - Decade SLS limited edition

Snow/ski goggles: SHRED


"I love the red colour of the Glenn jacket annd the smooth fit of it, combined with the Medler Bib Pants I am perfectly prepared to stay comfy and dry in the backcountry." - Max Preissinger


Snowboarder - Germany

Jacket: Glenn - red

Pants: Medler 

Snowboard: Nitro Pantera 169 wide

Bindings: Nitro Phantom

Snowboard boots: Vans Infuse

Snow/ski goggles: Oakley Line Miner


"For this season, I chose the Spencer jacket in the golden rod color combination, which does not blend in with the surroundings and is clearly visible in the snow. The jacket has a regular anorak cut that I like. The 10.000 water column and breathability keep me dry. I combined the jacket with golden rod Howel pants. I like the looser cut, the number of pockets and at the same time the possibility to narrow the belt with Velcro. The jacket and pants are delivered in bio degradable packaging, which only increases my joy of this choice. " - Zoltán Strcuľa


Snowboarder - Slovakia

Jacket: Spencer - golden rod

Pants: Howel 

Snowboard: Lobster SENDER 158w

Bindings: Halldor Pro Binding

Snowboard boots: Deeluxe boots - Team ID LTD white

Snow/ski goggles: Oakley Line Miner Prizm


"I like the black and the simple design. The pants have a super slim fit cut, I can move well in them, but they are still narrow. They also have a snow belt above the belt. That's nice, because the snow doesn't get everywhere when I fell, and I can also fit an orthosis under them. " - Dan Hanka


Freeskier - Czech republic

Jacket: Cordon - black

Pants: Charger - black

Skis: Faction Skis Prodigy 3.0 184cm

Bindings: Look Pivot 15

Ski boots: Fulltilt First Chair

Snow/ski goggles: Oakley Lineminer

photo: Tom Kieslich @kieslichtom

"I love to ride in this Ymir jacket because I mostly ride powder and big mountain stuff, so you need a one that can handle heavy winds, deep snowfall and low temperatures! Even when you sweat the hell out while you are hiking up a peak or go to your entry on a ridge, this jacket’s breathability will keep you dry and comfy! And regarding the pants - no pow where it shouldn’t be! Dungarees make it almost impossiple that cold white dust come under your jacket when your slashing around or tumbling down the hill after crashing in deep powder and due the high waterproofness it is a great one for staying out all day long!" - Clemens Bergmann


Snowboarder - Austria

Jacket: Ymir - fiery red

Pants: Medler - black brush

Snowboard: Nidecker, Instinct Series BETA

Bindings: Nidecker, Kaon Plus, instinct

Snowboard boots: Nidecker, Talon

Snow/ski goggles: Shred, Amazify


"I like to ride in pants and a jacket of my choice because they give me freedom of movement, it is very important to me. In addition, the parameters allow for long and comfortable shred." - Adam Adamski


Snowboarder - Poland

Jacket: insulated shirt Dough

Pants: Charger Atrip - phantom

Snowboard: Bataleon Wallie, Bataleon Evil Twin

Bindings: Bataleon Chaos Black

Snowboard boots: ThirtyTwo TM3XD

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers


"I like the Glenn because it has a nice fit and keeps me warm in cold conditions, but still is breathable and very cozy, I also have a high mobility in it which you don’t get that often in high insulated jackets.  The Charger pants have a nice baggy fit and have a nice style with the pockets being in a different colour.  Makes you feel god when you look down while riding :)" - Ethan Morgen



Jacket: Glenn - red

Pants: Charger - lark

Snowboard: Bataleon Goliath

Bindings: Bataleon Blaster bindings

Snowboard boots: Northwave Gaper 69

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers x Melon


"I really like the Nelson pants because they have a nice baggy fit to it. Combined with the Asher vest (open of course ;)) It's just a fire outfit all together." - Fabian Fraidl


Snowboarder - Austria

Jacket: Asher vest

Pants: Nelson - black

Snowboard: Bataleon Disaster 151

Bindings: Bataleon Chaos

Snowboard boots: Deeluxe ID

Snow/ski goggles: Horsefeathers

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