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What's up - Kasper de Zoete

31/1/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Kasper is our team rider from Netherlands. He just finished his bachelor degree and now he is full-on snowboarding. We were curios about what he's been up to lately and tried to find out more infos about his new upcoming snowboard film. Did he reveal anything? You'll find out in our new blog series called What's up.

Kasper, photo: Nando Dullaart (@nandodullaart)

Hey Kasper, how are u doing? I heard that you sucessfully finished bachelor studies. Congrats!

As a matter of fact I did, so thank you. I think my mom is still in disbelief but it all worked out. Mixing university and snowboarding definitely created a tumultuous experience.


So are you joining a working class now, continue with studies or focus primaly on snowboarding?

I’m now full on snowboarding, and luckily I have some other stuff going for me as well. But yeah, snowboarding has always been it and will always be it. I couldn’t see myself ever become a 9-5’er but the Bachelors degree sure is a nice back-up.


For the past 3 years, you and Nando Dullaart have been producing snowboard movies as a @notion_snow production - Pinot Grigio in 2019, Chardonnay in 2020 and the latest one, which was released November 21', Merlot. How were the responces to Merlot, did they meet your and Nando's expectations?

Well, it was definitely fulfilling. The plan always was to create trilogy based on types of wine. We saw it as an opportunity to portray drunk nights with friends as marketing activities. Brilliant, right? Shouts to Nando Dullaart for coming along on this journey with me. If anything he put even more into this then I did. After filming us tumble down stair sets all winter he then goes into his editing cave to spend hundreds of hours mixing up the final video into the tiniest details.

photo: Nando Dullaart (@nandodullaart)

Is there any plan for the fourth film with continuing wine theme?

Sadly not with Notion but I’ve got something coming up. I’ve just come back from Finland after a 3-week filming trip. But I don’t want to give it all away yet. Stay tuned for Fall 2022.


There are rumors that for this season you plan to produce your own video, is that right?

Damn, so far for not giving it all away. You’re well informed, I must say. I might as well ramble all about it. I’m filming for my own project with my childhood friend who for the outside world only goes by the name of @dometrash. We used to make snowboard video’s when we were 14 and now were back at it.

photo: Francine Boer @francinephotomachine
photo: Francine Boer @francinephotomachine

In which stage is it at the moment?

The ‘Fuck should I really jump down this building?’ stage, I would say.


Where are you going to film the footage?

Mostly in Scandinavia. And we got some plans to go to Murmansk in April with team rider Egor Chebanov but it’s quite unsure at this point. Hopefully though!


Are there any trips planned yet?

I’m going to Austria to shred a couple days for myself on the 10th and after that back to Finland!

photo: Francine Boer @francinephotomachine

Will you join any crews or it will be all individual?

It’s mostly individual but luckily all the homies are joining in where they can. Wouter Groot, whom I filmed the last few years with flew in last-minute to Helsinki and joined me on my last trip.

Can we expect the friends part as well.



Any more infos that can be revealed about it now? And when approximately we can look forward to it?

Absolutely not. In fall, I’d say mid October 2022.


Any more plans for this season?

Ofcourse, my plan is to get clips, do some loopings and have fun.

That’s what its all about. Never forget.


Any shoutouts or warm words at the end?

Shouts to Horsefeathers for backing me. I’m from the Netherlands without many places to snowboard.To be able to travel and go to sick places is a true blessing. Especially now that I’m in the middle of filming a new project I contemplate it on the daily. Thank you guys!

photo: Francine Boer @francinephotomachine


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